BLOG: One Direction Makes Arkansas Razorback Mistake

one direction mgn photo

One Direction may be in need of a little extra direction after a recent slip-up.  The British boy band recently announced a North America tour online.  To promote the tour members of the boy band dawned team jerseys to make postcards for the cities they would be visiting, but Tulsa’s had a mistake.

While the boy band was in front of Tulsa’s BOK Center, they actually had Hogs jerseys on.  The photo has since been corrected, but the original hogs photo can still be seen here.

The photo now shows band members with no Tulsa memorabilia in front of the BOK Center.  The Hogs jersey may be a letdown for some fans who may have to make the road trip to Tulsa to catch band members vs. see them an Arkansas location.  However, that still beats the cost for a flight to the United Kingdom.

Considering the boys are from the U.K., we’ll probably let this one slide.

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