Greenwood Still Streaking

Most high school football teams would be thrilled with a win streak of two games. Even more would be ecstatic with an undefeated two months.

But Greenwood isn’t your average high school football team.

The Bulldogs haven’t lost in three years, two months and four days. Sept. 24, 2010 was the exact date Greenwood last lost. It’s been a span of 50 games but that streak has been put in jeopardy more than just a few times.

“Back to Camden my sophomore year, we were down 21 at halftime and came back and found a way to win,” senior running back Hoyt Smith said. “We`re going to always do it no matter what.”

That win in the 2011 semifinals was the second straight year the Bulldogs were tested by Camden Fairview. The 2010 title game was in doubt against the Cardinals but Greenwood found a way to win, 36-35.

The 2012 season was a relative walk in the park for the Bulldogs as they won each of their first 12 games by at least 13 points but El Dorado, the three time defending 6A state champion, stood in the way.

“It doesn`t happen by accident,” Greenwood coach Rick Jones said. “It happens through hard work on the practice field throughout the week and focus and attention to detail and all the things our kids do so well.”

Greenwood then outlasted Pine Bluff, 51-44, in the 6A title game to win their third straight championship and their 38th game in a row.

The Bulldogs survived a pair of test this season, as well. Game winning field goals in the final seconds were needed twice but, as always, Greenwood found a way to win.

“There`s been huge games,” Greenwood quarterback Jabe Burgess said. “Really close ones that came down to the wire and we had two this year back to back, Southside and Conway. We`re used to the big game but we just need to focus this week and take it day by day and if it comes down to it, we need to kick another field goal to win, that would be great.”

Fifty straight wins don’t happen overnight. Teams are always looking for the secret recipe. But it’s not hard to find the secret for the Bulldogs.

“Coach Jones has something with him,” Smith said. “I don`t know what it is. He pushes us and all of us, we do not want to lose so we push every single day to win.”