Vian’s New Wave Has Old Success

With just three starters returning, teams are supposed to take a step back.

Instead, the Vian Wolverines are still 12-0.

“These kids knows what it takes and know what`s expected of them,” Vian coach Brandon Tyler said. “To go out each and every Friday night to win. They`ve got a lot on their shoulders and they understand that and been able to go out and get it done.”

“Tradition never graduates and I think that is true,” senior receiver Shamal Evans said. “We lost a lot of guys last year but we`ve got what it takes in there.”

“We lost a lot of seniors but the thing is, people don`t know is all through junior high we`ve played with this exact same team and done pretty good,” Vian quarterback Rylee Simon said. “Our young kids never got a chance to show what they have because the seniors were so good last year.”

The Wolverines may not have many familiar faces on the sideline compared to last season’s team but the team they face will look plenty familiar. Hennessey is no stranger to Vian.

“This is the third year in a row that we`ve had to play them in the third round of the playoffs,” Tyler said. “It says a lot about both programs being where we are at right now and have an opportunity to go play them again.”

This is the third straight season Vian has won 12 or more games. Tyler knows that he is lucky to have good talent but the coaching staff deserves ample credit as well.

“This group is a special group,” Tyler said. “We graduated 14 seniors from last year and only have two returning starters back on offense and one on defense so it kind of says a lot about our coaches and what they`ve been able to do this year getting the guys in the right positions to go out and be successful.”