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BLOG: Working Off Your Thanksgiving Meal

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One meal on Thanksgiving may take you weeks to work off. The Calorie Control Council estimates a typical Thanksgiving dinner equates to 4,500 calories.

Just how long will it take you to work that off? Using and a weight of 150 pounds, we crunched the numbers to find out. Here’s what we found:

  • Walking at a moderate pace would require roughly 1,200 minutes to burn off your meal.
  • General aerobics would require 617 minutes of working out for you to burn off your meal.
  • Moderate exercise on a stationary bike equates to 568 minutes to burn off your meal.
  • Moderate running would requires 612 minutes of working out to burn off your meal.
  • Swimming laps moderately equates to 567 minutes to burn off your meal.

If the average of these exercises is 600 minutes, divided by 30 minute workouts, you would need 20 sessions to work off one day’s meal. On a five day a week workout schedule, it would take you four weeks of working out to burn that meal off. Take in mind, we are not taking into account the roughly 2,000 calories the body burns a day, just the numbers.