Grocery Store Shelves Empty In Anticipation Of Winter Storm

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Marvin's grocery store on College Avenue in Fayetteville saw people come in and out all day. Items like water, milk and bread went fast.

"Seemed like bread was low," said Dee Dee Lamb. "Cookies that you bake seemed kind of low."

Emily Collins scooped up items she needs for her baby.

"It basically boils down to having a baby this time around," said Emily Collins. "The list includes diapers and wipes, which is the main provisions for our household."

Dee Dee Lamb, lives four blocks away from Marvin's, says she plans to make the best of a bad situation by using this team to bake holiday treats.

"A lot of sweets and things that I am going to cook for Christmas," said Lamb. "It gives me a good chance to cook during the snow, so I will get caught up."

Shoppers say stocking their pantries today has them feeling prepared.

"I think I am ready," said Sean O'Dell. "I am from Kansas City, so snow does not bother me that much. I actually kind of like it when it shuts down the city."

"I think we are pretty prepared, but then again I do not know until the end of the day," said Collins. "I think we have most of the staples."

Lamb says she has enough now to last for a long time.

"We have already bought water, soda pop, bread and eggs," said Lamb. "We are going to cook a lot. I think we could live for two weeks at home without coming back out."

Marvin's Store Manager David McConnell says the staff has made calls to suppliers throughout the week trying to keep store shelves stocked.

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  • Greg Yerbins

    I bought one loaf of bread made with bleached flour and partially hydrogenated soybean oil (i.e. the healthiest available). I will spread snow on the bread as a sort of rudimentary butter (as did my pioneering forbears) and tap trees for their precious sap. In this way, I will survive heartily this winter until summer comes around, at which time I will estivate (look it up; it will be your vocabulary word for the day)

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