Man Strikes Baby Boy’s Genitalia During Diaper Change, Police Say

Posted on: 2:56 pm, December 4, 2013, by , updated on: 03:02pm, December 4, 2013

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Van Buren police arrested a man after he allegedly struck a one-month-old baby boy repeatedly in the genitalia after the child urinated on him during a diaper change.

James Wesley Mattingly, 25, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of second degree battery. He was booked into the Crawford County Detention Center, according to the Van Buren Police Department.

The child’s mother asked Mattingly to look after the baby while she went to the store. When she returned, the mother told police she saw Mattingly striking the baby in the genitalia, said Det. Jonathan Wear with the Van Buren Police Department.

“The reason Mattingly gave for striking the baby is because the baby had urinated on him while he was changing a diaper,” Wear said. “The baby was treated and released from the hospital.”


  • Nancy says:

    Cruel and sick!

  • Andi says:

    Hope I never see this sorry fella out in public. Actually, HE had better hope i never catch him in public.

  • Rachel says:

    What they forget to say is that it took the mother a month to report it! And let’s not forget the 5 years he spent fighting for our country in Afghanistan! What he did is wrong and I’m not vouching for him. But there is a lot more to this story than what is published!

    • Meggan says:

      We are wasting our time on these people. They will believe the worst because that’s what dramatics do. They don’t want facts, they want a soap opera.

    • Meggan says:

      We didn’t know about it until after he started trying to fix it. What the “news” neglected to mention was that he turned himself in. And the mother didn’t report it till a month after it happened. Also failed to mention she is a druggie…so people need to stop acting like he was found guilty. No one knows the truth of what happened and truthfully, you’re not interested in the truth. Just bashing someone for something you know nothing about.

      • Linda Walker says:

        No ma’am maybe somebody needs to dis. You for even thinking bout taking up for this piece of shit

    • Gloria says:

      Really? I don’t care where he served, or what country he served for……THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR A BABY TO BE HIT LIKE THAT !! Makes me sick and I hope if he gets released someone beats him, in the same area, just like he beat that child….

    • CJK says:

      Meggan, congratulations you get idiot of the year and Rachel you get runner up! To strike a baby PERIOD is inexcusable regardless of what the situation was or when it was reported or even if he’s a veteran! I hope someone repeatedly punches him in the junk!

  • Rosa says:

    So Rachel, are you saying that if my Vietnam Veteran husband came to your house and hurt you then that would be ok? I can assure you that my husband or any other veteran would find this inexcusable, cruel and cowardly behavior. Certainly he has anger issues which need to be addressed in other ways and not by inflicting pain to an innocent child.

  • Him being a vet doesn’t mean anything! He’s still a disgusting pig that needs to have the same thing done to him. PTSD is NOT an excuse to harm an innocent child, shame on anyone who thinks that makes it acceptable!

  • Meggan says:

    I don’t expect much from a community that thrives on gossip and drama, but maybe for the families involved, people might learn to mind their own business for once. I think it’s terrible that the news has become a community based on gossip and not facts. People are so quick to believe the worst and act all high and mighty. Let he who has no sin cast the first stone. I’m not defending the events that actually took place, but that’s just it, none of you even know what ACTUALLY took place.

    • anita says:

      My grandfather is a military vet and I know many more so shame on you for using that as an excuse,, now you have been asked to tell your part of the story since you say the news report isn’t correct tell us why we shouldn’t be bashing him hell from what I’m reading your just as guilty because your making it sound like you know the whole story so please enlighten us or shut the hell up,,,I AM A MOM AND I DARE SOMEONE VET OR NOT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON MY CHILD THE ONLY REPORT THERE WOULD BE IS THE CORONERS REPORT..

  • justwondering says:

    Meggan did you see it? What actually happend?

  • justwondering says:

    Oh, and if Rachel and Meggan both new about the event they are in the same boat as the Mother. Just saying.

  • justwondering says:


  • no mater why he had did it he should have not done it. I can’t believe people taking up for him.

  • Meggan says:

    And I can’t believe people are so quick to judge and assume everything they read is fact

  • Rachel says:

    Him being a vet has alot to do with what actually happened! And did I once say that what he did was OK?! No! What I said it that this isn’t the entire story! So bashing should have never started! What he did was inexcusable but this report says nothing of what really happened!

    • Luis says:

      People keep saying that it’s not the whole story. What is the story?
      I mean I just read the post & it seems inexcusable that something like this
      happens I can’t condone this type of behavior. So if this isnt the whole story what is the rest of it. If they won’t say then I have to go with my first reaction & agree that he should be held accountable. If anyone knows the whole story then tell us. Everyone makes a judgement based on available information. If I get new information then I may adjust my judgement but until then he’s a scumbag until I get more info.

  • Jeff says:

    I will happily leave my address on this board so if you know the man, you can give it to him and see what kind of man he really is!!

  • Courtney says:

    Megan,whatever happened,shouldn’t have happened in the first place! If wes wouldn’t have done anything,he wouldn’t be in trouble! There is never an excuse for a baby to get hit. And I hope if the mom is a druggie she gets her rights taken away. The whole situation is just sick.

  • I feel like yall are contradicting what you say. You first say people don’t know the whole story and shouldn’t be saying mean things but then say that what he did wasn’t OK. We all know news never releases entire stories… but the one part of the story is the only one that matters, you put your hands on a child in that way you deserve some punishment. Regardless of the situation. I’d also like to hear the reasoning you have for being a vet having something to do with it. I know plenty of vets who wouldn’t be happy with that statement whatsoever.

  • if you say you knew why he did it, then tell us why. you are not saying why. that is the only way you can prove that his actions were just. don’t say if we knew the story then tell us.

  • Megan I dont care what you say no one should strike a child period! If the mom is doing drugs then they need to take the baby and I DONT CARE IF HE SERVED 5 YEARS IN Afghanistan there are just some people who think they should be over looked because they served. all it takes is one or two people to give the rest of the military a bad name. if he did turn himself in then good that means he wants help but he should not be left alone with children.

  • Bill says:

    “The reason Mattingly gave for striking the baby is because the baby had urinated on him while he was changing a diaper,” Wear said. “

    “We didn’t know about it until after he started trying to fix it.”

    Nuff said!

  • beth says:

    The public loves drama and a good bashing.They dont care about facts.They believe what ever they want and the journalists love a good story thats there job.If you truely knew this man he was a fighter for our country not a child abuser.He had tons of friends before all this came out which are accusations not truth.The mother never saw anything but the news fails to get the whole story out so they can see people bash and get worked up.The mother is Bipolar and not on meds.She was good about kicking him out 3 ttimes a week but begging him back everytime because she knew he was the one getting up in the night to take care of that gorgous baby not her.He wasnt the biological father but he was there for her and her son knowing she had problems.Many people know this man for who he really is and We all have strong faith that the truth will come out and he can stand tall and know this was a tragidy that never needed to happen.I know alot more about this situation because i was brought into it.What is happening is terrable and wrong.the truth will come out.

  • Courtney says:

    Lol,if you want people to know all the facts then please enlighten us. I’ve known wes for awhile now but I also know there’s three sides to the story,his side,her side and the truth. We’ve heard her side,so what’s his?

  • Paula says:

    It was a one month old. Of course they are going to pee while you change their diaper if they need to go. I don’t have kids and I know that! this piece of sh*t need to be beat to a pulp.

  • Bill says:

    [b]“The reason Mattingly gave for striking the baby is because the baby had urinated on him while he was changing a diaper,”[/b[

  • 8track says:

    Same thing happened to Michael Jackson……….

  • diana ontiveros says:

    Your a man that hint a baby . And for the women that protect this thing of a man shame on you let him explain to veterans that cant be with there babys as to why he did it and see how they react. But the veterans in our family say there is no excuse and if he turned himself in it may have been for his benefit no one else. But in the end we all will be judged and God is the one who will judge him and you.

  • veronica says:

    The facts of the case will be worked out in court. All the public knows is what he has been arrested for. Regardless of his past or situation of the mother, if he did what he is accused of it was WRONG and its child abuse! PERIOD!

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