Winter Weather Closings

Posted on: 4:18 pm, December 4, 2013, by , updated on: 09:24am, December 5, 2013


  • Your Mom says:

    5News has really dropped the ball here for the residents in our area. 4029 seems to have a working website guys. Go give it a look.

  • Lily says:

    It did load on my phone and fort Smith is not on the list of closing.

  • scott says:


  • FSM Citizen says:

    If you’re trying to view Business Closings for Friday (updated), you will have to keep scrolling down. You will see a lot of blanks, but keep scrolling down, then you will see updated closings that are NOT in alphabetical order. Just FYI.

  • Cloveda payne says:

    I would like to know of school closings in rogers and to know when we r going go get bad weather please and thank u

  • hunter jordan says:

    Does Springdale public schools have classes tomorrow?

  • c.cates says:

    How r the roads in waldron?

  • BBHall says:

    Is Fort Smith schools going to be out tomorrow?

  • Zachary wood says:

    Hopefully van buren closes tomorrow becuase I won’t be able to make it there to school

  • Kevin says:

    Channel 29/40 reported that the main schools.. FAY /SPR / ROG AND BENTONVILLE are closed tomorrow.

  • Jonathan Aguilar says:

    Are schools in springdale are gonna be close tommorow

  • John Normack says:

    Are bentonville schools going to be closed tommorrow

  • stephanie says:

    no ezell

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