Winter Weather Closings

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snow closings

Winter Weather Closings for Thursday, 12/12/13 and Friday, 12/13/13

Click here for a list of school closings.

Click here for a list of business, daycare, and church closings.

Click here to submit a business, daycare, or church closing.

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Click here to view the 5NEWS Closings Policy.


  • Your Mom

    5News has really dropped the ball here for the residents in our area. 4029 seems to have a working website guys. Go give it a look.

  • scott


  • FSM Citizen

    If you’re trying to view Business Closings for Friday (updated), you will have to keep scrolling down. You will see a lot of blanks, but keep scrolling down, then you will see updated closings that are NOT in alphabetical order. Just FYI.

  • Cloveda payne

    I would like to know of school closings in rogers and to know when we r going go get bad weather please and thank u

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