Trial Delayed For Local Woman Accused Of Stabbing Snoring Husband

Posted on: 4:45 pm, December 4, 2013, by

dawn weiser

The Elm Springs woman accused of stabbing her husband for snoring has had her trial delayed in Washington County Circuit Court, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Dawn Weiser, 44, was scheduled to begin her attempted murder trial Thursday in Washington County. That trial has been delayed and will be rescheduled Thursday, according to the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office.

Weiser pleaded not guilty Oct. 2 to a felony charge of attempted murder. A preliminary report from the prosecutor states Weiser stabbed her husband in August after an argument about his snoring. The stabbing sent Doug Weiser, 43, to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Police said he suffered a punctured spleen and lacerated liver from three stab wounds.

Doug Weiser told police he awoke to his wife stabbing him with a knife. He was able to wrestle the knife from her before the couple’s two teenage sons came to his aid, according to a preliminary report from the Washington County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

The victim told police he and his wife had recently argued about his snoring, and she went to another room with one of their to sleep while he slept alone in the couple’s bed, the report states.

Dawn Weiser told police she awoke to a loud noise in the house and found her husband with stab wounds. She told investigators she believed there must have been an intruder inside the home, according to the preliminary report.

She later admitted to stabbing her husband with a butcher knife and hiding the evidence, police said.

Dawn Weiser was jailed Aug. 29 on suspicion of attempted murder.

She was released from the Washington County Detention Center two days later on a $25,000 bond.

Doug Weiser filed for divorce from his wife on Sept. 5 in Washington County Circuit Court, records show.


  • Mark Smith says:

    Why was an attempted murderer released??? Was. It because she’s female?? Good ol boy (stupid) logic rides again

  • 8track says:

    It say’s….”non-life-threatening injuries. Police said he suffered a punctured spleen and lacerated liver from three stab wounds.” That’s non life threating???? I guess that’s not a big deal in Washington county…but I would look again less it happen to you, you may think twice.

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