36,100 Homes Without Power Friday Morning

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About 36,100 homes in our area are without power Friday morning after ice and snow pummeled the area.

Arkansas Valley Electric: About 16,400 homes are without power, with the majority of the outages occurring in Waldron, Shoal Creek, Booneville, Ozark and Clarksville.

Swepco: About 10,100 homes are without power, with the large majority of the outages being reported in Sebastian County.

OG&E: More than 9,000 homes are without power. About 5,000 of those outages are in the Fort Smith area. Hundreds of homes in both Lavaca and Alma are also experiencing outages.

Ozark Electric: Not reporting any outages as of early Friday morning.

All electric companies said crews worked throughout the night to restore power.

Stay with 5NEWS for all your latest weather coverage, as the snowy and slick conditions continue throughout the day.


  • T

    When are electric companies going to get smart and bury the cables? Or at least in some sort of pipe so they can’t get torn down from ice

  • John

    Electric utilities are being buried in all the new developments, but it is the old rural development areas that are the problem for the most part and it would cost billions to redo the whole rural systems across the USA and the money just isn’t available right now.

    Believe me, the power companies don’t like having to pay for all the necessary staff and materials, that they must keep on hand to deal with ice storms.

    If the Federal Government handed out the money to start burying the lines the utilities would grab the money so fast that they’d tear off the hand of the Government.

    • hogfan

      Amen AGT C…my fiancé lives in this area and even back in 2000 (or was it 2001) when the ice storm came he still had cable and electricity when most of VB was without for 5 days. The buried lines are the best.

  • 8track

    Still have power in south Fort Smith. Back in 2011 the city did a major clean up with tree trimming crews after seeing what happened to NW Arkansas and their ice storms a few years back. Looks like it paid off so far, there is far less limbs falling off the trees. It’s very quite compared to other ice storms I’ve lived through where the crashing tree limbs would keep you awake at night. Not this time. Good job Fort Smith for cleaning up the tree problem in the city….It was worth it.

  • mary hughes

    No power in rural Chester area.Is this northern portion of Crawford County also affected.?any word from arkansas valley electric?

  • Penny

    I don’t care how much it would cost to bury the lines ! They don’t have to do whole U.S. but we really need it here in Arkansas. Maybe they could do it a State at a time. It really makes much more sense to bury all the lines.

  • Robin

    We have been without power since 8pm Thursday. The highway dept have not been out to sand or grade so we can’t get to town. People in the mountains near Clarksville are getting in bad shape. No power and no way to get across the mountains to get supplies.

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