Heavy Ice And Snow Cause Problems In Ft. Smith

Tree limbs and power lines in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley were brought down by the weight of ice and snow, which caused a multitude of problems for the electric companies.

5NEWS spoke with a Ft. Smith woman who said a live power line was draped across the roof of her home at 22nd and V St. for more than three hours Friday morning.

The Ft. Smith Fire Department was on scene to make sure the area was safe until OG&E arrived to cut the power.

The power line was brought down by a tree limb that snapped under the weight of heavy snow and ice, and this was just one of many areas dealing with similar problems.

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  • 8track

    This morning around 9:24 a giant tree on my property broke in half and landed in the street plus hit my home. Later I heard about the earthquake in OKC that happened at the same time. It could be that the earthquake was felt here just enough to trigger that big tree to fall. It may be a coincidence but you never know?

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