Fayetteville Mayor Expects Roads To Be Clear By Mid-Week

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Fayetteville Mayor Lioneld Jordan tells 5NEWS all city roads are not expected to be clear until mid-week.

"We've got to get some sunshine," said Jordan. "I think that by Wednesday you can look for the roads to be relatively clear."

Dan Wooley has lived on Woodlawn Drive for a decade and wonders why the city hasn't been able to clear ice off the roads.

"I mean it was obvious that this was coming and it was going to be a big event," said Wooley. "There was a lot of advance notice, so I don't know if they are rationing their ice treatment materials or exactly what the story is. It's been kind of dangerous and I've heard a lot of people on Facebook complaining."

Mayor Jordan says he understands residents' frustrations. He says this was an unusual storm, because ice fell first and temperatures have stayed below freezing.

"We are working around the clock to make everything work out," said Jordan. "We are on the job and I have complete confidence in our crews to get it done."

Officials say one concern with icy roads is making sure kids aren't in danger. Ice and snow on the roads have led to school closings for a fourth day on Tuesday.

"You don't want somebody hurt on the way to school," said Springdale Teacher Tx Trumbo. "I think that's the first question. Can they get to school safely?"

Crews say they're treating the main roads first and now heading to the secondary roads.

"Mostly those are pretty clear, so we've got places for people to go once we do get them out of the neighborhoods," said Transportation Services Director Terry Gulley.

In the meantime people wait for their neighborhood to be de-iced.

"I think it creates a dangerous situation for people, because there are things people need to do," said Wooley.

While Mayor Jordan says roads are not expected to be clear until Wednesday, that does not mean schools will be closed. School districts make that decision on a day-to-day basis.