Cedarville Man Arrested for Beating Brother in Hospice

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Crawford County man accused of beating his brother in hospice was arrested after a short standoff with Cedarville Police.

James Patillo was booked into the Crawford County Detention Center on felony 2nd Degree Domestic Battery, Public Intoxication and Resisting Arrest Tuesday (Dec. 10).

Cedarville Police Chief Blayne Irvin said Patillo got into a fight with his brother because his brother wouldn’t get out of his chair.

Patillo’s brother suffered torn ligaments in his finger and bruising to his ribs after Irvin says Patillo pushed the man out of the chair.

Irvin said officers located Patillo in the back yard of a residence on Neal Rd. The suspect then barricaded himself inside for about an hour.

Patillo came out of the home about 3 p.m. but resisted arrest, according to Irvin. Officers used a taser to take him into custody. Patillo was not armed at the time.

His brother is currently staying with neighbors, according to Irvin.


  • John

    This guy needs to learn a lesson on compassion and dignity for the dying.

    When someone is dying the family and friends should just be agreeable to the dying and remember that sometimes the drugs that the dying get for pain can make them say crazy things and not make sense.

    Just go with the flow and not beat up a dying confused, or not confused, hospice patient, after all they will be gone in a short time and you will still have life.

    Pathetic and I feel so bad for the dying brother. Everyone deserves to die with dignity and peace.

  • Hotrod0527

    Maybe they should have included in the story that his wife is a reserve officer for the city where he was arrested and has been arrested for public intoxication several times before. Something should have been done with him a long time ago

  • 4mnr

    Uh rhonda isn’t a reserve she is the corporal at cedarville now. Hey title the story husband of police officer had standoff with police. Maybe that will get people to look at how that dept is ran.

  • Jenny mcmaster

    Ok people really let’s get the story right about what really happen here he wasn’t beating his dying brother.he trying to stop his brother from killing himself come on are you kidding me.youre so called cedarville police are a big joke .this whole story is so wrong get you’re story right before you go printing things and putting out there for the world to read.

  • hotrod0527

    Yes!!! Cedarville is a big joke and unless Rhonda has been through the academy she is still a reserve. Regardless of whatever title they try to give her she is still the biggest joke up there. For whatever reason her husband was arrested it probably has something to do with her and I hope something will finally be done with him. He is a danger to himself and others.

  • Larry Hooper

    Horrid seems to have a “rod” stuck somewhere no one wants to see. What’s the matter. Did someone not get to be a cop. Should have asked the next chief. At least the new one is using “real” officers. Including the very fine corporal wheeler as we the community have all witnessed continually through her true service to this community. Maybe thats why the “rod” is still in place horrid!

  • Larry Hooper

    It’s amazing how people want to believe the worst in others who have helped the most. Be sure to thank the police officers in your communities and cities for protecting you even when you need protecting from yourself. Be careful who you criticize as they may be they very one that comes to save you when no one else will. ( also as witnessed by many people in this community).
    Get the hate out for goodness sakes! It will destroy you, Hotrod. Do something positive with your life. Help someone this holiday season. There are people out there who have absolutely nothing for their children including food. SMILE at least. Enough of us REALLY don’t care that you hate cops!!!! I’m sure you make everyone around you proud. As been said, I paraphrase from a previous post. “I’m sure you’re a great one, Hotrod”. Bawhahahah!

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