Icy Roads Blamed for Leflore Co. Accident

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol says slick roads caused an accident in Leflore County that sent two people to the hospital.

Trooper Ron Shatsar says the driver of a Ford Mustang was headed south on Highway 112 near Cameron when he hit a patch of ice and lost control Wednesday morning (Dec. 11).

Shatsar says the Mustang crossed into oncoming traffic and collided with a pick-up truck that was northbound.

Both drivers were sent to the hospital. Their names have not been released.


    • stpdpeeps87

      Shut the F up!!!! Were either one of you there?! NO! The only incompetence here is ya’ll! Stop wasting your time making up BS and mind your own business “sooner123” and “txkreddog”! Get a life and stay out of everyone else’s.

      • Sooner123

        Actually I was there, and saw the whole thing, so your comment is irrelevant.The mustang was trying to pass, I watched him cause the wreck. so don’t act like you know what happened. I was driving the same road they were right behind them.Also I never felt or saw the ice.What i did see was someone that was running late for work and trying not to be! Then endangering not only himself but everyone else around. All just to gain 30 secs to make up… He is thankful he is alive and didn’t kill anyone.

  • Sooner123

    The main highway was completely clear, He didn’t slip or slide on ice, he was trying to pass another vehicle in really bad fog. He was also driving way too fast due to trying to pass, not slipping on ice!

  • James Stewart

    So the news is just making up stories about ice on the road? I guess the police did the same. Why would they do that? Idiots.

  • Jennifer Loe

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