911 Audio Released, As Woman Sought In Husband’s Shooting

Posted on: 2:54 pm, December 11, 2013, by , updated on: 06:12pm, December 12, 2013

Springdale police are searching for a Walmart realty coordinator they say shot her husband in the face before stabbing herself in the neck. Authorities on Wednesday released a 911 call from the incident, in which police say the couple’s son reports the shooting.

An arrest warrant was issued last week for Robin Phillips on suspicion of first-degree domestic battery, although she has not yet been arrested, police said. Her arrest warrant affidavit requests her bond be set at $250,000.

“The whereabouts of Robin are unknown, and we are asking anyone with information to contact the Springdale Police Department,” police said in a statement.

Phillips’ son can be heard on a 911 tape released by Springdale police begging his mom to stop and explaining the shooting to the dispatcher.

(Hear a portion of that 911 call in the above video)

Phillips is listed on LinkedIn and her Facebook profile as Walmart’s realty management coordinator at the company’s home office in Bentonville. Springdale police Lt. Derek Hudson said a police report shows she works at Walmart.

5NEWS called Phillips’ phone number obtained by police, but there was no response.

Police said Phillips shot her husband James in the face with a semi-automatic pistol following an argument Nov. 29. She then cut her own neck with a knife, according to the Springdale Police Department.

Both were transported to local hospitals and have since been released, police said.

Phillips, 38, is a white female 5 feet 4 inches tall, with brown hair and brown eyes, police said. Anyone who knows any information about the case or the suspect’s whereabouts is asked to call Springdale police at 479-751-4542.

The incident resulted from an argument at 1407 Jennifer St., a Springdale police dispatcher said.

A 16-year-old in the house phoned police about 1:20 p.m. to report that two gunshots had been fired inside the residence, Hudson said. The teenager said the man and woman had argued and then went into a bedroom, where two shots from a handgun were fired, Hudson said.

James Phillips came out of the room with a gunshot wound to the jaw and collapsed on the floor, Hudson said. The woman, Robin Phillips, was found on the kitchen floor with a cut to her neck. A knife was on the floor next to her, the police spokesman said.

The teenager had knocked the handgun out of the woman’s hand before calling 911, police said.

Robin Phillips allegedly ran to the kitchen following the shooting while yelling that she was not going to jail, according to an arrest warrant affidavit. She told responding medical crews that she cut herself on the neck on purpose, the affidavit states.

James Phillips was hospitalized at Northwest Medical Center-Springdale; his wife was taken to Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville, police said. James Phillips was listed in critical condition at the time, authorities said. Robin Phillips was treated at an intensive-care unit, authorities said.

The residence belongs to Norma Beasley, whose mailing address is in Dallas, Texas, according to the Washington County website. It was unclear Friday whether Beasley rents the house to Phillips and his family.

Animal control officers arrived during the investigation and removed dogs from the residence, authorities said.


  • jim says:

    How were they treated and released ? Doesn’t make sense.

  • Lissy says:

    Dosent make sense that they were treated and released then it says her husband is in the hospital in critical condition?? And how are they looking for her.. once she was realeased she wasnt arrested.. I dont knwo but the story dosent make sense at all.

  • jim says:

    looks like the animal control officers should have made the arrest, may have saved some tax payers money searching for these two…

    • Holli says:

      He beat the shit out of her for 5 years. Dumbasses

      • Rather not say says:

        If that were true, why didn’t her family help her? Why did they allow them to live live with her abuser in their own house? Why didn’t she call the police and show them the “abuse”? Why did she marry him after being abused by him for 8 months? Why did she slit her own throat with her son standing across the room trying to leave him without a mother or father? She is smart enough to know she would have zero jail time for self defense. There is NEVER an excuse to beat a woman, but give me a break, if there was any violence I’m sure she gave as good as she got. Dumbass….. No, realistic ….yes.

  • Richard Anderson says:

    Someone needs to be fired. Who in their right mind would have left this lady unguarded.

  • Susan says:

    That poor kid, how selfish of that mother to subject her child to something that will affect him for the rest of his life.

  • Rather not say says:

    Get this….. Now someone has started a fundraiser for HER, and she was kind enough to log into Facebook and like it. She is going to try to use the battered wife syndrome and get out of all charges. I personally know them both and the only abuse that occurred is her alcohol and pill abuse.

    • ...... says:

      Saw her almost everyday, never was there a sign of abuse,she always spoke highly of james and aj. She made these claims after things started going down south for her. She is an alcoholic, you could smell it on her. Any mother in her right mind wouldn’t of done what she did. I feel for aj and james.

  • Blast from the past says:

    Rather not say is right! This woman has a long history of crazyness and her misery is self inflicted! I’ve known her for 20 years, and I’m not at all surprised this happened. If she was an innocent babe in the woods, she wouldn’t be hiding! A fund page: what a joke!!! Don’t fall for it people.

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