BLOG: Top 10 Christmas Movies of the Decade

Posted on: 3:53 pm, December 12, 2013, by , updated on: 04:25pm, December 12, 2013



Christmas movies are in full force during the holiday season. Some movies become the center of family traditions, others become family favorites.

Forbes compiled a list of the best Christmas movies in the last decade (2003-2012). Not all of the films are family friendly. In some of the choices, the author defends his picks when some movies do not overly seem like a Christmas movie.

Here is that list:

10. A Christmas Carol

9. The Polar Express

8. Arthur Christmas

7. Bad Santa

6. In Bruges

5. Rare Exports: A Christmas TAle

4. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

3. Iron Man 3

2. Elf

1. Love, Actually

You can find the full article, HERE.