Storey To Shelby Unstoppable Combination

Chance Shelby catching passes from Ty Storey. That is a vision opposing coaches have become all too familiar with the past two years.

The Charleston duo has connected 143 times over the past two seasons, with 36 of those resulting in touchdowns. It almost looks like the two are playing in the back yard at times because they make it look so easy.

“We’ve grown up ever since little league,” Shelby said. “We’ve always played together since I can remember. Just the connection is there.”

“We’ve been playing forever together,” Storey said. “It feels like we are playing together in the backyard still and that’s kind of how we go with it and we just try to have fun with it and it’s working.”

Shelby has shattered every receiving record in the Tigers’ history. The senior has 157 career catchs for 2,634 yards and 39 touchdowns. As impressive as those numbers are, there is something else to the connection those two show.

“They have a special way of communicating through hand signals and just looks,” Charleston coach Greg Kendrick said. “Route adjustments and hot routes. It’s a connection that’s hard to describe.”

The two are coming off arguably their best game ever, against the previously top ranked team no less. Storey and Shelby connected seven times for 181 yards and three scores. Though the two have had bigger games numbers wise, the stage said it all.

“If you haven’t heard of them yet, after that game you definitely have,” Kendrick said.

Shelby and Storey have the chance to hook up one last time on Charleston’s home field as they host Earle Friday in the 3A semifinals. Another stellar performance will have the two, plus the rest of the Tigers, playing for a state championship.