Hogs Not Slowing Down During Holidays and Finals

Posted on: 10:38 pm, December 17, 2013, by , updated on: 10:40pm, December 17, 2013

Students across the nation are busy studying for finals and the Razorbacks basketball team is no different.

“It’s that time of the year,” said head coach Mike Anderson.  “We’re not the only school that goes through it.  That’s part of the student athlete experience, knowing how to juggle.”

“I’ve got it down pat,” said senior guard Fred Gulley III.  “Today I finished my last final and it feels good to just be able to concentrate on basketball.”

Finals week, along with the holiday season, has slowed down the amount of games the Hogs will play before the new year.  Anderson has stepped up the intensity in practice to make up for the lack of games.

“They’re definitely quality practices. They’re quality practices.”  said Gulley.  “We got to come out and get after it.  It’s a hard to time to get away from studying and get our head out of the books.”

“As they play and they take their practice to the game, it’s going to be a team that has fun in the games,” said Anderson

With only four games left in their non-conference schedule, the Razorbacks can’t take any steps back.

“I just want us to continue to play efficient basketball, get more guys playing well,”  said Anderson.  “You look at the level of some of our guys are playing now, some guys are starting to emerge.”

“(We) just come out and ready to attack off the top,” said junior guard Rashad Madden.  “(We) just play like we know how to play.  If we do that, we should be fine.”

All the Hogs want for Christmas is some more wins, but Madden wants something a little more dear to his heart.

“I remember a remote control car I got when I was a little kid,” said Madden.  “I broke it like the first week and ever since then I’ve been wanting one every Christmas afterwards, but never got it.”