Man Wanted For Stealing From Kibler Elderly Couple

Posted on: 11:25 am, December 17, 2013, by

Johnny Cooper Mug

Kibler Police are looking for a suspect involved in scheming an elderly couple out of money.

Johnny Cooper is accused of going to a home in Kibler Friday (Dec. 13) and telling the couple inside he worked with the city’s water department. Cooper told the couple he flushed their lateral lines on the plumbing and they owed him $75, according to Kibler Police Chief Roger Green.

The victim wrote a check to Kibler City Water Department, but police say Cooper forged his name in the space and cashed the check. The next day he came back to the home and told the residents he still owed them money, but the woman told him she handed the information over to police and Cooper took off from the home.

Cooper is facing theft by deception charges. Police say his last known address is in Springdale.

If you have any information on Johnny Cooper’s whereabouts, you’re asked to call the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office.


  • bobreal says:

    Bet His Mom is PROUD of Her Little Boy..

  • arnold fudpucker says:

    Good thing his mommy s proud cuz I bet you couldn’t find his daddy anywhere.

  • ReffHater says:

    How about you let “The Family” Worry about abd stop being obsessed your just another one he would satisfy in a bed room! Oh and one more thing if you washed your menge and walked as much as you talk about JJ people might actually think somethin of you wait a minute lmbo no way

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