“The Big Shootout” Documentary Available on DVD

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On Dec. 6 1969, No. 1 Texas and No. 2 Arkansas played what was called “The Game of the Century” in college football.

That matchup was also the pioneer of big time college football games.

It was so big that a new documentary has been released about the game and its surrounding elements.

“It was the first national championship game ever made for television,” said Big Shootout producer Michael Humphrey.  “50 million people watched the game. Half of every television set in America was tuned in to the game that day.”

The documentary also touches on the historical significance. Vietnam protests and civil rights were among the important issues happening around this game.

“It was the last national championship game with all white players from both teams,” said Humphrey. “Richard Nixon attended the game in the stands with future president George H. W. Bush.”

It also highlights the rivalry between the coaches, Frank Broyles and Darrell Royal, a relationship you just do not see in modern college football.

“Broyles and Royale were best friends,” said Humphrey. “They were rivals, but they traveled together, took vacations together. Their wives were best friends. It was really unique, which I think led to the true genuine respect not only the coaches, but their teams.”

Even though Arkansas did lose the ball game 15-14, “The Big Shootout” will stand the test of time as one of the most significant games ever played, even now, a half a century later.

“The game was relevant for the last 44 and I believe it will continue to do that and be that relevant,” said Humphrey.

You can order the DVD online at www.bigshootout.com. It will also be available for retail sale in the fall.

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  • arnold fudpucker says:

    Preview leaves you with the impression the thing carries the usual Texass slant. Then you get all the racism whining. Not interested thank you.

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