Suspects Plead “Not Guilty” In Connection To Armed Robbery

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The two men arrested after police said they broke into an elderly Crawford County couple's home and robbed them at gunpoint last month have plead not guilty to several charges.

Sam Gypson, 21, is facing multiple charges including: two counts of aggravated assault, aggravated residential burglary, aggravated robbery, breaking or entering, and theft of property. Authorities say Gypson is homeless, but from the area.

Colin Holson, 18, from Chester was arrested on the same charges as Gypson as well as disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Glenn and Bernice Kimes, each in their 80s, were victims of the armed home invasion. They have been married for more than 60 years and have lived in the Chester area for decades, but they've never experienced a home burglary like this before.

"They started tearing through everything in the house, looking for more money," said Glenn Kimes.

Crawford County Sheriff Ron Brown said Holson and Gypson were armed with firearms and hid their faces during the robbery. He said the two men left with about $60 and no medication.

The Kimes family said the door was locked and the suspects broke into the home by the force of their shoulders.

"They left the residence on foot,” Brown said. “They had told them (the Kimes') to not come outside for at least 30 minutes. They took their home telephone, and we did find that out in the yard."

Authorities said before the suspects left the scene, they smashed the couples phone in their front yard.

"They left a roll of duct tape and some super glue," said Brown, but added the suspects didn’t use those items on the couple.

"I wasn't happy about it. I was very unhappy," said Bernice Kimes.

The couple drove to a neighbor's home and called 911 after they felt it was safe.

In total, three arrests were made following the break-in.

Katelyn Bradway, 18, from Alma was arrested on hindering apprehension. Authorities said Bradway sent Gypson text messages warning him deputies were questioning her and Holson.

Gypson ran off to Oklahoma before officers caught him trying to catch a bus out of town, according to Crawford County Chief Deputy Jimmy Damante.

"One of the males was arrested at the bus depot in Fort Smith," said Damante. "He knew we were looking for him, and he had a ticket to California."

Holson and Gypson are currently being held in the Crawford County jail. Holson is being held on $118,000 bond and Gypson on $75,000 bond.

Bradway posted a bond of $3,500 and was released from jail December 21.


  • melody Castillo

    These people are kind hearted people and would give what they had to anyone in need . I hope the police find the low lifes… that did this ….

  • Tom Ford

    The Great Recession ran from 2007-2009. 5-7 million jobs were lost before late 2009 when job growth returned. Many areas of the american economy and employment were devastated. Unskilled work for our youth has always been one of the difficult areas and is documented as suffering great losses from the great recession. There is little doubt these youth who were 10-12 yr old at the onset of the recession were greatly impacted.
    Their crimes however are not trivial. Entering someones home by force, physically restraining and robbing them deserves the severest of punishment.
    For the youth of today this is a lesson. Being unemployed or working a crappy low wage job 8 hours a day, even part time without benefits is far better than spending 5-7 years locked down 24x7x365 in the arkansas department of corrections. The charges filed are felonious. If convicted a felony can and will haunt people for life. The damage done by these youth to this family, the trust of the community, the citizens of the United States is deplorable and without merit. The damage done to them selves if convicted will be worst.

  • Autumn

    Whatas funny is I grew up with Katelyn in school and I always knew she would end up in jail. She was always a trouble maker and done a few drugs.I dont feel sorry for her for being in jail. Not one bit.

  • Violet Adams

    It saddens me to read this article because I have known one of the named individuals from the time he was a baby, and I have known his mother dang near my whole life. There are a lot of factors at play here but what was wrong was wrong. They did wrong but realize folks that drug addiction and substance abuse are psychosocioeconomic problems that completely obliterate the affected from living and thinking in the “normal” way that most of society does. It is not the fault of the parent or the individual that they are addicted. It generally relates to things as Mr. Ford referred to; economic situations and community related problems. I cannot speak about Katelyn or her situation but I find it childish to report that you “don’t feel sorry for her being in jail.” Someone needs to feel compassion for these individuals or what hope do we have in the world for people to better their lives and become productive meaningful members of society. Collin’s family is a good Christian family with good moral values. Collin is an addict. Not his fault nor his parents. It is a disease. His actions will have consequences and SHOULD have consequences as they are reprehensible. However, these individuals have a disease from which there is no known cure only a chance for it to be in remission so that recovery is then possible.

    • Traveler

      I disagree with you when you comment “It is not the fault of the addict that they are addicted” Addicts have a choice when they decide to take that first drug…they could have refused.

  • steven

    sick of hearing addiction is a disease it is a way out for people to right the wrongs with an excuse I have a family member that faces a drug problem and has had compassion give way to many times but still picks drugs over everything else in his life the bottom line is they cant live a drug free life until they decided they want one and walk away from the drug addiction.i HATE to hear its not someones fault that they take drugs its a choice bottom line .and I myself do not feel sorry for anyone who is jail for making a stupid choice would you feel sorry for someone who knowling slams a door on their hands?

    • Crystal Stroud

      yes addiction is a disease I’m an addict myself ….we never choose to get the disease of addiction but the choice comes in after your clean for a while ….addiction isn’t a choice but relapse is …..and how would you know anything about it unless yourself has been there…watching somebody go through it is nothing at all like going through it ….you have no idea …..when we’re in the problem that’s all we know ….when we dry out and get some recovery and clean time behind us…..we have to clean up the wreckage of our past ……..everything……and when we are in the problem to us there is no other choice and I know one of the named individuals myself….he is a very good friend to me and if ya’ll really knew him ya’ll would never say things like this at all ……yes everyone should be held accountable for their actions but make no mistake addiction is a disease and it is so heartbreaking to me to see or hear of my friends going through the same phases I went through not to long ago ……..and if you are reporting that you don’t feel sorry for her for being in jail and talking shit like this then I feel sorry for you ….if they were ever to read this I want them to know that it is possible to get clean …lose the desire to use and find a new way to live cuz.I have over a year clean now ..

    • Paula

      He made a choice to do drugs just like he chose to rob the Kimes at gunpoint. I have no sympathy for him in either case. I’m sick of reading about what a good kid this Collin is. He scum as far as I’m concerned. trash!!! I hope someone in the CC jail wipes that smirk off his face. As far as this Sam person goes he is already on a 20 year suspended sentence for breaking and entry. Maybe this time he will be sent away. This little Katelyn person is a filthy mouthed little girl. I wonder who it is that is posting using her facebook account. Probably her trash mother from what I have heard about her.

  • Ernie Woodruff

    There is no excuse for robbing or stealing from people just because they have a drug problem. I say this because i once had a drug problem and if i did not have the money i did without and with that said, I have to much respect for other people or persons property and bottom line, that’s the way i was raised . Yes they have ruined there life’s and i don’t fill sorry for them by what actions they made. Now how would you fill if it happened to you and that weapon went off by accident and killing you or a loved one. So once again,,I don’t fill sorry for there actions.

  • danny

    There are no good excuses for commiting crimes against another person or their property. It is a choice and we have the power to control what we do.

    Our nation faces many problems and one of the major contributing factors to the increase in crime is illegal drugs. Those drugs need to be made legal so the potency and price can decrease. Legalization is a tough and imperfect choice, but it is far better than enforcement, which hasn’t worked.

    As our economy gets worse and possibly collapses there will be an increase in home and business robberies.

    The nation needs its manufacturing jobs back. We don’t need more taxpayer funded jobs, which is the main reason there is a “War on Drugs”.

    Our pols don’t care about U.S. and we need to face that fact now. They would rather talk, and fight about what some guy on a reality show said than resolve problems for the common man.

    Mark Pryor and others to need to put away their bibles and get to work smashing the Code of Federal Regulations since this is the book that has driven all our manufacturing jobs to China and elsewhere.

    Good day.

  • Dwight K Schrute

    These thieves should feel lucky they weren’t shot. If it had been any other house, they probably would have gotten exactly what they deserve. That Holson kid’s smirk in his mugshot shows what a piece of trash he truly is. This isn’t just a “mistake” like speeding or even Shoplifting, these two pieces of white trash robbed a defenseless elderly couple with firearms. Anyone who believes these are “good kids” who just made a “bad choice” is seriously delusional and probably is a piece of trash as well.

  • steven

    it is a disease this coming from a addict who would guess? IT IS A CHOICE and if you can not say no to drugs by choice well sorry that doesn’t make it a disease means that person has weak self control and is selfish think of how a addict using drugs screws up others life such as this nice couple that were robbed,think of how many kids have no real parents due to drugs or how many parents lost children to drugs .drugs ruin the addicts life and the innocent people that get screwed over by the addict . and sorry crystal but wreckage cannot be be cleaned up only forgiven

  • Traveler

    It is too late for an abortion unfortunately. Hopefully they will get some time in prison instead of just a slap on the hand and on their merry way.

    • Mark Smith

      Traveler – I see you took the opportunity to continue the ignorance theme even after my post. Here’s your sign.

      • danny

        Grow-up Mark. At least the “ignorant” on this site can use their own words in commenting. You can only sling insults and steal a slogan from a comic. Instead of wasting your time here, why don’t you go read a book. I suggest Bully in the Pulpit, or Ball Four. Both are great reading.

      • Mark Smith

        I see Danny,
        You’re one of the many that keep the ignorance alive! If the ignorance is not pointed out, folks wouldn’t know otherwise! But your comment about my negativity is accurate. I apologize. I have been commenting out of a sense of frustration at the wreckage that results from the ignorance like drug use, kids being born to young parents repeating the cycle that begets more ignorance. Perhaps I need to do something more constructive like volunteer for adult education. My wife works for headstart and we see the carnage inflicted on the young (and old ) alike that comes from lack of education.

        One big area of improvement would be a switch from glorifying football in place of academics. Kids should be lettering in academics as well as sports. Don’t get me wring, I played and loved football in both hs and college.

        Ignorance needs to be pointed out. Most people of the state don’t know Arkansas ranks 45th a d 48th in the country. Even more suprising educators that I have spoken to rarely know this!
        Crack a book!

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