Roads Boss ‘Frustrated’ With Unacceptable Snow Response

Posted on: 3:33 pm, December 18, 2013, by and , updated on: 12:09pm, December 19, 2013

Two weeks after winter storms dropped several inches of snow and ice on Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley, the state highway department Wednesday acknowledged efforts to clean up the mess were unacceptable and frustrating.

In response to criticism over how roadways were cleared following the snowfall, Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department Director Scott Bennett released a statement Wednesday, saying, “We did not achieve desirable or even acceptable results in some areas as our crews worked to clear highways during the recent winter storm.”

Bennett went on to say, “We are aware of and frustrated by the unsatisfactory conditions that persisted too long in some areas. We also know situations like this create perceptions that can only be addressed by improving the results we achieve, and that’s what we intend to do.”

The director said road crews are not to blame, as many of them worked extra hours away from their family to help clear the roads. He instead blamed a lack of “proper tools to address these storms,” saying Arkansas’ status as a southern state with a mild winter climate keeps it from obtaining the necessary equipment to deal with winter weather similar to what dropped on the state two weeks ago.

“We must make sure we utilize the resources we do have available to the best of our ability,” Bennett said in the statement.

(Click here to read the entire statement released by the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.)


  • taz says:

    You have proper equipment, it just wasn’t used properly! Trucks were driving around wasting fuel with the plows up!

  • Aaron Burns says:

    Funny how they have had proper equipment for years and now this. Just because there is a vote on new equipment coming up in the legislature they do this to try to make it pass. complete bs.

  • You must have the right tools to do the right job and they did not have that. Obtain some beet juice so we can create the magic “brine” that Missouri uses and the equipment needed to apply it and that will make a significant impact :)

  • Danny Boothe says:

    I have worked for the State of Arkansas and yes there is a issue with political motivations related to getting equipment and buildings. I have personally heard my superiors in the past tell me to “park equipment on the side of the road and let it set” so they could prove a point to higher government officials. Who pays the price for this “Tax payers” it is just BS all the time with the State Government.

  • Tim Hixon says:

    AHTD itself is a frustration. There never seems to be enough money to get I-49 completed. And to solve that problem, you need to look at the people at the top.

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