Suspect In Springdale Liquor Store Shooting Arrested In Another Shooting

Posted on: 4:15 pm, December 19, 2013, by , updated on: 09:09pm, December 19, 2013

rodriguez springdale shooting suspect

The man awaiting trial in a liquor store shooting is behind bars after allegedly shooting at a man Sunday, leaving a mark on the roof of the victim’s car.

Julio Rodriguez, 19, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of committing a terroristic act, carrying prohibited weapons, continuing a criminal enterprise and theft by receiving. He remained Thursday in the Washington County Detention Center on $100,000 bond, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

A 16 year old was also arrested in connection with the shooting, although that suspect’s name has not been released by Springdale police.

Rodriguez was arrested in September in connection with a shooting that sent three victims to the hospital. Police said he was the getaway driver in that shooting.

The alleged victim of Sunday’s shooting, and his mother, filed a police report Sunday saying that Rodriguez shot at the victim and struck his car, according to the Springdale Police Department.

The woman told police she noticed Rodriguez outside of her home on Saturday and told him to leave. Later, she heard “two pops,” but went inside and fell asleep. Her son said he confronted Rodriguez the next day. That’s when the alleged victim said Rodriguez fired shots at him, police said.

The victim later called police again Wednesday to report that he was following Rodriguez in his car. Rodriguez allegedly fired three shots at him, striking the roof of his car. Police later found the bullet mark, according to Springdale police.

Responding officers located Rodriguez and a 16 year old who was with him. Both were detained for questioning, while police recovered a silver-colored revolver they said was thrown from the vehicle before officers arrived at the scene.

A trace of the gun revealed it had been stolen in a robbery from a pawn shop in Siloam Springs, police said.

Police said Rodriguez was the getaway driver for the accused shooter Alvaro Rodriguez in connection with the Springdale liquor store shooting. Alvaro Rodriguez, 22, faces charges of four counts of committing a terroristic act, criminal mischief and tampering with evidence. Julio Rodriguez faces charges of hindering apprehension, according to the Springdale Police Department.

Both pleaded not guilty to their charges in October. Their attorney recused himself from the case earlier this month because he said the two defendants’ best interests were in conflict with each other. He suggested the case be referred to a public defender, according to court documents.

Police said three Hispanic males wearing hoodies pulled up to Y-Liquors in Springdale in a silver Ford pickup.

Two of the victims approached the truck, words were exchanged and shots were fired.

“You can see where they fired weapons out the window of the Ford Truck and the one of the victims hit the ground and then the ford pickup fled the scene,” said Lt. Derek Hudson with the Springdale Police Department.

Police said one of the victims was a woman who was sitting in a car and was shot in the back, the other two were men and were shot in the stomach and the leg.

The victim’s ages range from 18-22 were taken to Northwest Medical Center in Springdale with non-life threatening injuries.

As for the motive, Hudson said the victims haven`t told them why they were targeted.

“They haven`t been completely forthcoming about everything that has occurred just yet,” said Hudson at the time of the shooting.


  • Do not really have comment on this story but the story I DO want to comment on is not here to do so. If the Washington County Detention Center is SO FULL and OVERCROWDED couldn’t some non-violent cannabis “offenders” be released? My God! WHEN WILL THIS MADNESS END!!!??

  • Mark Smith says:

    What, the madness of breaking the law?

    • The state facilitieS are full of a lot of people that should not be there. If it is THAT over crowded I guess they should build MORE prisons huh? And you know exactly what madness I speak of. Right is right and wrong is wrong all over this world. I know the difference. I don’t give a good cahoot what ANY freaking LAW says.

      • Mark Smith says:

        Karen, to break a law is wrong. For you to separate the two indicates either pathological narcissism or anti-social psychosis. Get some help before you end up in jail or more likely return to jail.

  • Shane Lee says:

    I agree with Karen. Last time I checked, Seattle and Colorado haven’t sunk into the ocean or turned into a satan worshippers hive. If it is working there other states should follow their example. We lead the world, by a huge margin, in jailed citizens. It’s a waste of money and human life for such a petty, victimless crime. The federal government just dosent want to admit it had been wrong for over 80 years.

  • arnold fudpucker says:

    Did anyone bother to check if this scumbag is here legally?

  • bobreal says:

    Bet his Mommy is PROUD of Her LITTLE BOY.

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