Ex-Cop Accused Of Rape Out on Bond

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A former Fayetteville police officer arrested Dec. 20 on suspicion of rape is out of jail on a $50,000 bond, records show.

Jamison Stiles, 31, faces felony charges of rape, second-degree sexual assault and residential burglary, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Office. He was booked into the Washington County Detention Center on Dec. 20 and was released the next day on bond.

His arrest came after two women told authorities he had sexually assaulted them.

The first report came on Nov. 10, when a woman told Fayetteville police an officer sexually assaulted her. She told police that in late October she woke up naked in her apartment at The Cliffs II after a night of drinking to a uniformed officer standing over her. The officer then pulled the blanket covering her down and grab her breast, according to a preliminary report from the Washington County prosecuting attorney.

Police said an internal investigation was then launched.

According to the preliminary report, Stiles and another officer had stopped an intoxicated woman on Block Avenue just minutes after midnight on Oct. 26th. The woman was placed in Stiles' patrol car. That's when the other officer left the scene, according to Fayetteville Police Sgt. Craig Stout.

The preliminary report states Stiles told the woman he was "trying his best not to arrest her." He then asked the woman if someone was at her house so he could just take her home. She told Stiles that she lived alone. That's when Stiles turned off his police vehicle video recorder, according to the preliminary report.

Stout said that it is against policy for a police officer to ever turn off his recorder.

Investigators found that Stiles' recorder was turned off again around the time the woman reported the officer to be in her apartment. Authorities used GPS data to place Stiles' patrol car near The Cliffs II Apartments during the time his recorder was turned off, according to Stout.

Stiles, who lived at The Cliffs II, was given a master key to the apartment complex in his role as courtesy officer there, Stout said.

On behalf of The Cliffs II Apartments, Lindsey Management Co. issued a statement on Dec. 23, saying Stiles' services as a courtesy officer ended there on Nov. 30. He worked there on an independent contractor basis, the statement says.

"The management of The Cliffs II Apartments is cooperating with the police as they
investigate the allegations against Mr. Stiles which involve incidents that occurred while
Mr. Stiles was acting under his authority as a Fayetteville Police Officer, and are not
related to the courtesy officer services he formerly provided to The Cliffs II Apartments," the statement reads.

Investigators interviewed Stiles Dec. 3 concerning the allegations against him. The next day, he was placed on administrative leave and relieved of his badge and gun pending the outcome of the internal investigation, according to a police department news release.

On Dec. 16, Stiles was fired from the police department for eight policy violations, police said.

Stiles had been employed by the Fayetteville Police Department for almost three years before being fired, Stout said.

After his termination, a former Fayetteville Police Department dispatcher reported she had also been sexually assaulted at her home by Stiles this past July. She said Stiles was on-duty and in uniform at the time of the alleged assault, according to investigators.

The internal and criminal investigations are ongoing, according to Fayetteville police.

Stiles arraignment is set for Jan. 24. A judge ordered him not to have contact with the victims while this investigation continues, according to the detention center.


  • Sarah

    Police Chiefs need to make immediate changes. I do not know the solution but local police officers are making the news almost as much as the general public. This is horrific.

    • danny

      The solution: pass a law that prohibits public employee unions, since there is an extreme conflict of interest at work. Public employees should not be able to negoiate with other public employees. Fire half of all city, county and state police officers. Do away with asset forteiture laws and many other laws so that they get back to keeping the peace rather than producing revenue for the parasite class.

      Punish them swiftly with no paid leave when they screw-up.

      Our “authorities” have begun to believe, with good reason, that they are above the law.

  • RB

    Unfortunately, the actions of a few, shame the perception of many. Not all police officers are corrupt, much the same as not all bankers, lawyers, pastors, coaches, doctors, and teachers. Humans make mistakes. The difference is that the police are supposed to protect from evil, not cause it. If the allegations are true, please understand, it is just a single officer. The vast majority still live up to the oath they swore when they began their careers. Pray for the victims and for the accused. They will all need it.

    • danny

      99% of cops are thugs and all of them are control freaks. This guy doesn’t need our prayers, he needs punishment. He and his comrades are just thieves with badges. Their supporters are much worse than the cops they defend.

      Cops are mainly arrogant parasites who provide no useful service to the public. They simply have disdain for U.S. and our rights. If I was king, I would fire them all and take their property and give to all those hardworking citizens that they ticketed over the years just so they and the other government worker parasites could satisfy their greed.

  • Gary Brown

    hes not an “ex cop” he was in uniform when he was doing the raping. 5 news is good at distorting facts.. any comment that is made that goes against their government propaganda agenda

  • JR Gibbs

    He is smirking. Maybe he thinks this is all funny. He looks like he’s proud. Wow! Maybe he will get off? Lots of cops get away with things that would get me or you 25 years.

  • Mark Smith

    I wonder who changed the Picture from the Mug shot where he smirks with evil indifference to his employee shot. 5News – care to ‘splain yourself?

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