Church Members Come Out For Christmas Eve Mass

Posted on: 10:30 pm, December 24, 2013, by

Many local residents stopped by their churches Tuesday night before settling in for Christmas, taking part in the long-time tradition of Christmas Mass.

Church members at San Raphael in Springdale said the mid-week occasion allows them to worship God while remembering the spirit of Christmas.

“This is the beginning and the most important time of our season,” said Dorothy Cardiel, a church member. “This is the reason why we’re here every Sunday, to have that hope and joy.”

Pastor Alejandro Puello brought a message to those at mass Tuesday that they are always welcome at church and in the faith, even after the Christmas tree and decorations come down.

“My message this year is, never forget that God always loves you, and there is never anything that could separate you from that love, and choosing to accept and respond to it.”

San Raphael is just one of many local churches holding mass on the eve of Christmas. San Raphael is the largest Catholic church in Arkansas, with 22,000 members, according to the church.