Christmas At The Movies A Growing Tradition

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Some families went to the movies on Christmas to keep their kids entertained.

"We've already opened up all the presents and stuff like that, so it's time to do something else or these girls are going to get bored," John Phillips said.

John's wife, Jennifer said this was the first time to bring her two young girls to the movies. Her and John have been to the movies on Christmas before they had children.

"We didn't go home to see family or anything this year, so we're just kind of hanging out," John said. "We're just chilling out this Christmas."

Other families spend a portion of Christmas at the movies because it's tradition.

"Probably about seven or eight years ago we just started a family tradition of every year on Christmas after we open our presents and eat our Christmas breakfast, we come and see a movie," Robert Hillian said.

Robert's daughter, Haley said she enjoy spending the quality time with family, because everyone is off of work and out of school.

Some movie-goers weren't able to make it home for the holidays and decided to be proactive and get out on Christmas.

"I was sitting at home by myself and wasn't able to be with the family," Robert Lytch said. "So, I decided I wasn't going to just sit in the house and be depressed and get out and at least go do something."