Working On Christmas No Problem For Emergency Crews

Posted on: 7:15 pm, December 25, 2013, by , updated on: 08:32pm, December 25, 2013

Many people spend time at home with family on Christmas day. Others were working on the holiday, including first responders in the area.

At Fire Station 1 in downtown Fayetteville, a full staff of firefighters spent Christmas on the clock because emergencies do not follow a holiday schedule.

There were few calls for the station, but firefighters tell 5NEWS it is business as usual.

“Every service member we have has a service heart, and they would not have it any other way but to come humbly and serve this city,” said firefighter Jason Hood.

Firefighters said there are perks to working on Christmas, however.

The crew enjoyed cookies from members of the public. People dropped the baked goods off as a way of saying thank you.

Wiggins United Methodist Church dropped by Christmas Eve to deliver a box of cookies.

Firefighters said they also received numerous holiday cards and thank you letters.

“We feel very blessed to serve the city of Fayetteville. Generally it is laid back and quiet thankfully,” Hood said.

At Central EMS ambulance service in Fayetteville, it was the same story Christmas day.

Paramedic and supervisor Allen Johnson said this is his 12th year working the holiday.

“You are doing a good deed for people. It’s a necessary service, and it is something that people have to have. So you get satisfaction out of that, and its rewarding,” Allen told 5NEWS.

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