Holiday Tree Pickup Underway

Posted on: 12:15 pm, December 26, 2013, by

Some people who still choose to buy a real Christmas tree are left questioning what to do with the tree now that the holiday is over.

There are options to be able to use the trees, even after they are no longer wanted as a holiday decoration.

“We will donate those to any of the rec and park department,” Fort Smith Home Depot manager Joe Jones said. “Game and fish, some of our even own associates will take them to ponds to be Eco-friendly.”

And with big trees up for grabs, shopper Patrick Wheeler said he’s gotten creative with his Christmas tree and even has one planted in his front yard from years back.

Wheeler said he’ll take his tree from this year to a river or pond to feed the fish.

Many cities across the area will pick up your Christmas tree right from the curb.

Tree pickup in Fayetteville starts the first two weeks of January.

The tree must be less than 12 feet and everything on the tree including tin foil must be removed.

Pickup in Fort Smith started Thursday (Dec 16).


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