Post-Holiday Shoppers Hit Stores Early

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Stores across the region opened up early to accommodate shoppers who wanted to beat the crowds to snag a deal or return items on Thursday (Dec. 26).

The Pinnacle Hills Promenade mall and Cabela's in Rogers opened up two hours early.

Ginny Wallace went to Cabela's with her family early in the morning so her sons could spend their gift cards.

"Usually we aren't out and about as early as we are today," she said. "There's hardly anyone inside right now and usually it's pretty packed, shoulder-to-shoulder, so it's nice to beat the crowd."

Some shoppers were out to get the after-Christmas sales to buy gifts for next year.

"I'm hitting a couple of stores to look for possible gifts for next Christmas," Nikki Rayburn said.

Rayburn likes to buy perfumes and soaps at a marked down price to give as birthday gifts or next year as Christmas presents.

Stores prepared for the volume of returns and exchanges by setting up guides for the return line.

There are also end-of-the-year deals as stores prepare for the Spring inventory.

"There are changes in pricing for the end of the year all throughout the store for customers with gift cards that want to come in and get those savings," Cabela's Manager Chris Johnson said.