Firefighters Install Free Smoke Alarms

Posted on: 6:06 pm, December 27, 2013, by

fire alarm

The Fort Smith Fire Department wants to help keep citizens safe during the winter months by providing free installation of smoke detectors to those who qualify.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) awarded a grant that will allow the Fort Smith Fire Department to purchase and install up to 600 smoke alarms to high risk homeowners.

Fire Marshal Ronnie Rogers said fires are reported more often this time of the year, with people using space heaters and fires to heat their homes. In 2011, the department reported five people were killed because of fire or smoke inhalation. Chief Mike Richards released a statement saying many of those deaths could have been prevented by simply having a smoke alarm.

So how do you qualify? “One way to qualify, you have to own your home and not have smoke alarm or just one smoke alarm. If you have two or three bedrooms and you need more smoke alarms,” said Rogers.

Residents can fill out an application at any fire station in Fort Smith. You can either return it to that station or mail it to Fire Station No. 1.

Below is a list of Fort Smith Fire Department Stations: 

#1 200 North 5th

#2 1127 North Greenwood

#3 2020 North 6th

#4 2128 Towson Ave

#5 4123 Spradling

#6 3124 Massard

#7 5411 Euper Lane

#8 2318 South Phoenix

#9 1500 Cavanaugh

#10 4401 Burrough Road