Sheriff Won’t Arrest Elderly Man In Deadly Shooting; Family Reacts

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Sequoyah County Sheriff Ron Lockhart said he doesn't plan to arrest the 95-year old Sequoyah County man who shot and killed a Van Buren man. The case has been turned over to the District Attorney's Office, which will decide whether to file any charges.

The man killed in a shooting in Sequoyah County, Okla., on Dec. 28 has been identified as Clinton McCormick, 29, of Van Buren, authorities said.

The suspected shooter is a 95-year-old resident of the Central High area near Sallisaw, said Lockhart. McCormick's mother, Teresa McCormick, identified the shooter as her employer Douglas Vaden, whom she's worked as a live-in caretaker for the past three years.

Teresa said Vaden is a skilled shooter.

"My son didn't have any weapons. He wasn't making a fist, nothing. And Mr. Vaden shot him in the face," she said.

Lockhart said McCormick went to the man's residence on Saturday evening, making threats. The suspected shooter felt he was in danger when McCormick attempted to attack him, the sheriff said. The suspected shooter fired one shot, striking McCormick, officials said.

According to Teresa, McCormick visited her at Vaden's home often.

"There's no trespassing sign, and he never told my son, 'Do not come on this property,'" she said.

McCormick's pregnant girlfriend, Erica Holder, witnessed the shooting after she drove McCormick to Vaden's home so he could borrow Teresa's car.

Holder said she's dated McCormick on and off for the past 15 years, and he was a good father to their one-and-a-half-year-old daughter.

McCormick's body was sent to the state medical examiner's office for an autopsy.

Sequoyah County Deputy Attorney Stacey Slaughter said her office is waiting to get the paperwork from the sheriff's office to review the case before making a determination on if they will press charges.


  • Will

    Why is the 29 to attacker being referred to as a “victim”? If you die as a result from your criminal action, it does not make you a “victim”.

  • bobreal

    To bad They Couldn’t of KISSED an Made Up.
    But Mr. McCormick crossed the line; and made threats..
    I’m sure if either of them had to do it again;
    They would do something different.

    • 234USMC

      Why does everyone always say that? I held this guy for police once, the officers who came to pick him up knew him by sight! Too bad it took this long for someone to rid us of him. I suspect from the phone call he made to his “mother” while we were waiting for police, that criminal behavior is habitual for the family.

  • Brandy

    this person that you are running in the ground is my cousin. If you have nothing nice to say don’t speak. We are all grieving over this loss and how dare you say this comes as no surprise.

  • me

    The truth hurts! History will repeat itself if you cover up the truth to somehow retectify your grienvences. Silence is never the answer.

  • John

    You’re right, Brandy….no one deserves to die such a tragic death but considering your cousin allegedly attacked a 95 year old man doesn’t say much for your cousin….The poor man obviously was defending himself the only way he could against a man three times younger than himself….Really? Sometimes when you come looking for a fight, you get one…and sometimes you’re on the losing end.

    • Brandy

      The thing is is this. You aren’t getting the full story. My cousins mother was the caregiver of this man. None of you was there to know what went down. I’m just asking that you all quit bashing my cousin, especially when you don’t know him or the situation.

      • AF

        Are you kidding me…your beloved cousin attacked my great grand father. That’s Great Grandfather. I would be ashamed and embarrassed if I was you. I would pray for the man who had to use force against some punk who should have been out working and not harassing his mother and her employer.

      • Anonymous

        AF, You know what? What your saying is all bullcrap. Clint didnot attacked your great grandfather. Your grandfather lied to the law and of course they took his side “oh what a poor old man being attacked by a young man” bullcrap your grandfather KILLED 2 people in the past and got aWay with it cause of his age. That means he could kill more people and say “oh poor me I am old” and just get with it.

    • Kp

      John…. Come on think about it like this. If the young man would have attacked the 95 yr old in any way physically he would of been laying on the ground . HELLO!!!! If he was so attacked he would of been too injured to go get a gun. Think about it……

      • 234USMC

        Yea! THINK about it!!!! If he had allowed him to attack at all there is a strong possibility that the old man would have been grievously injured or killed! In a self-defense situation you do not wait around for the attacker to attack! At the first sign of them taking action to carry out the threat you must ACT or you will be the victim! I would say that threats over the phone followed by the individual showing up at the house show an attempt to follow through on the threat.

      • John

        I’m sorry, Kp…I post did imply the accuser attacked the guy..That’s not what I was meaning to say….I was trying to say if the guy felt he was going to be attacked, he had every right to defend himself….We don’t know the whole story….but if someone was making a fist at me and coming toward me seemingly to do harm, I feel I wouldn’t wait for him to throw the first blow…..providing this is how it went down.

      • Avi8trix

        So just where do you get your information crack that this man has killed 2 people in the past? From a lying crack head or some one else or hearsay? The alleged victim deserved what he got you do not go after someone who had warned you to stay back. I’m thankful the veteran still had it in him to protect himself and his mother. What kind of son uses his mother as a shield so he can get close to an old man of he can try to hit hm? Deserves what he got!!!

      • Sarah

        “Avi8trix” some of us happen to know the people involved personally, and aren’t just speculating. Like you are.

  • danny

    Hey Brandy, tell us the rest of the story please, or go away. Your cousin went to another man’s house who just happens to be 95 to threaten him because his mother was the old dawg’s caregiver. Your cuz got shot since he went looking for trouble and got it, big time. Old people can be hard to deal with, but threatening some people is just not a good idea. Sounds like your cuz would not have lived long anyway with all the intelligence he seems to have.

  • Ashelley

    Wow This is Insane.
    But if I was Heartbroken so Badly over a lost one I wouldn’t have
    Time to read all the B.S. everyone was Putting on here.
    My thoughts on this are that I’m going to go by what the
    Police put in the Report because they write down everything everyone says at that time.
    And I say although no one deserves to Die…. No one Deserves to be Attacked either and Definitely not a Elderly Person.
    I just don’t understand how it wasn’t all avoided.
    Because if The Mother/CareGiver was there how did she see that something wasnt right .
    I’m just saying if u are there and u feel the tension in the air
    You know what u gotta do to Prevent it.

  • Ken Smith

    I was offended at the way this story was presented this morning on TV. It sounded like the story began “Charges still have not been filed….” This implies that you believe charges should be filed. Please leave this type of prejudiced journalism for the networks and leave the police work to the experts and the DA.

  • AGT C

    The news story says nothing about his caregiver present.Sound’s like the 95 year old man had money or something valuable and was fixing to robbed or worse.I’m going with the police report on this story.

  • james white

    Billy your a piece of shit. You cant even spell and you have nothing better tto do than comment on stuff you have nothing to do with. Get a life you f****** loser.

  • Kevin

    Well, The selfie picture that is on here does make me think of thug. But who knows what really went on. I feel that the autorities will figure this out and make the right decision.

  • Missy

    I’m sure there is more to this story and pieces of the puzzle we do not know. With that being said its sad either way. Despite this kids past a life was lost and his family morns. The old man may have felt scared for his life and now has to finish it knowing he shot a man. Who knows. No one wins here its just a sad tragedy for both parties and the families involved. Who knows the motive but….I would say fear was a huge factor! Prayers for all

  • Alexis

    My question is this…if the 29yo’s mom was at work, why did he have the need to bother her at work? Okay, so he needed to talk to her, was it life threatening to the point he couldn’t wait until after she got off work? It seems that there are more questions than answers. Also, if the 29yo knew he was not welcome on the 95yo man’s property, why would anyone in his right mind step foot on it? Now to listen to family members on both sides plead their case….

    • Anonymous

      ALEXIS, the 29 yearold’s mom lived at the old man’s house for years so if Clint want to talk to his mom he could anytime. And why Clint went to the old man’s house cause the old man won’t let him talk to his mom on the phone.

  • someone

    I’ve known Clint almost my whole life and his family. Does this surprise me? No. Him, his sister and mom have always been trouble. He was on house arrest when he was a teen and a simple search will show everything since. They’re all a bunch of tweekers and pill heads. Like I said, DOES NOT SURPRISE ME ONE BIT. If he was just going to get Teresa’s car you’re telling me that a 95 yr old man didn’t have a home phone that Clint could have contacted his mom on to say meet me outside with the keys to avoid the whole mess? If it was just him and his girlfriend then why is some girl running her mouth on the FB post saying the his sister Dez and nephew Jordan was there as well? Clint had ” anger management issues” and I can say from personal experience, he could be extremely intimidating.

  • Shannon Binyon

    I always said that I wouldn’t lower myself to reply on one of these posts, but after reading all the comments….I’ll say this: How they hell can any of you people….no matter what side you are on, judge without knowing all of the FACTS? You are all going on hearsay and media reports which are both not FACTS. He said, she said isn’t fact. Give the police/courts a chance to sort it out before condemning anyone.

    • danny

      Sorry you had to lower yourself. Maybe you don’t comment simply because you have nothing to add to the conversation. Yes, there always three sides to every story….his, hers and then the truth.

      People judge and that is the way of the world. If not for judgment, we would all end up in a situation similar to the folks in this story.

      What many of us do know from experience is that many elderly people are victims of theft from their caregivers and family of the same. We do know there are some rough people in Sequoyah county and you should be careful when dealing with them.

      Another note, if it bleeds, it leads and people will be interested in the story. Things like this bother you and my advice to you is to stay away.

      • danny

        One other note for you Shannon. We have a meth problem in our area. We also no longer have Peace Officers, just Revenue Producers with badges. What many rural people in Sequoyah county face to often is folks coming into the area to steal. They come from many different places, like VB, FS, Muskogee, etc. That is why there is a Make My Day law in OK, so that we can defend ourselves and our property from these crazed junkies who come around.

        If you have never dealt with any of them I’m glad for you. But, if you ever do, then you had better have some sort of defense, because the Revenue Producers will not be there to help you.

  • Jimmy babbalooba

    Sounds like he got what he deserved! Good thing the old man was a good shot. Always better to be judged by 12 than to be carried by 6.
    Some punk kid came threatening me I’m going to shoot em in the face tol

  • Bonnie

    To hell with whether or not I feel threatened. If I tell you to leave my property, the best thing you can do is leave my property while you can still do so in a vertical position under your own power.

  • Justice

    Wow, interesting how the 95yr old is being bashed by some of you who I guess think anyone should be able to walk in your grandfather’s home with all their nazi tattoos and threats, probably to steal his proscription drugs givin his past record and the elderly person should just call the cops! And what, wait 45min till they get there and pray to God he don’t get beat to death in that time. Yeah right, your home, your property, your life, guess what; if a thug gets killed he signed that one the moment he trespassed, and you don’t need a CCL to protect yourself on your own property whoever brought that up.

  • Justice

    Here is one of the 8 arrests this 29yr old upstanding citizen had in Oklahoma alone: Sequoyah CF-2010-00624 12/07/2010 MCCORMICK, CLINTON DDefendant STATE OF OKLAHOMA vs. MCCORMICK, CLINTON D POSSESSION OF FIREARM AFTER FELONY CONVICTION. Yep, sure sounds like we lost a great guy here! No telling how big the rap sheet is in Arkansas where he actually lived.

  • old doug

    Here are some facts for you. The mother was having a sexual relationship with the old man. She is a meth head and will do anything for money. Her son, daughter,and now ex husband were all in prison and the old man took her in. Yes she helped him but the old man lived a very independent life style. It wasn’t like she was changing his diapers because he didn’t need that type of care he just wanted company and to feel young so he got him a meth whore. He got her many cars which her son wreaked, and he got her a house but she didn’t stay there because her son and daughter turned it into a crack house. He was taking care of her. Oh and clint rot in pieces, you got what you deserve. He broke into the old mans home last year one of the items stolen was a pistol the old man should have pressed charges but then you go to his house again? Yes people he knew not to go there because he broke into the home. He wasn’t even supposed to be staying and the home he bought for the mother. But he was such a loser he could never leave the nest mama mama shoulda grown up tuff guy now this is your legacy!

    • Anonymous

      OLD DOUG, you’re telling stories that aren’t true quit making up stuffs. If you don’t have good to say then just quit. And it’s not right to say bad things to the person that died. If y’all protecting that old man that KILLED many people and so be it! People just think of this Clinton McCormick maybe in a lot of trouble but he never killed nobody but this “poor” old man has already killed 3 people and is still sitting on his butt like nothing happens.

  • Glenn

    Come on my property, threaten me in some manner and chances are good that you’re going to get shot. Those who don’t defend themselves usually get hurt or die.

  • someoneelse

    Sequoyah county law enforcement is a joke!!! You can beat your wife, abuse and neglet your children, bend and twist the laws all you want and they turn a blind eye and deaf ear! Murder is murder even self defense murder is murder and he should be arrested and the case tried in court. But likely this old man knows most if not all the “officers” in the county and they are being buddy buddy with him like the do other people. It might serve you well if you are in sequoyah county to sleep around a bit, then you could get away with murder too.

  • Gary

    Oklahoma has a “make my day law”. If someone is threatening you, your kids, etc. Or trying to take/damage your property. you have the right to stop them with whatever means is necessary to stop them.

  • Sarah

    Of course the news isn’t reporting this– everyone is only interested in Clint’s criminal history– but this isn’t the first person the 95-year-old man has killed. Something to think about before y’all pass so much judgment with so little factual information.

    And to whoever said Clint got what he deserved– you’re a piece of work. I hope you never have a friend or family member get killed and have to read people say things like that. Absolutely uncalled for.

  • Zoey's Nana

    WOW!!! The comments on here remind me why I do not participate in organized religion. I thought only God was to judge. There seems to be a large amount of Gods here today.

  • matthew young

    You have to take responsibility for the actions you take in life, they usually all lead up to a certain point and you probably won’t realize that until it’s to late. You live by the sword you die by the sword. I really don’t think someone would just shoot another person for no reason at all, I really hope not at least.

  • old doug

    DUI’S lol thats not the tip of iceberg. No one even mentioned DUI were talking about his numerous felony charges. How many times did he go to prison for felon in possession of a fire arm? 3 times right thats not counting his many other charges. He was known to carry a fire arm and to be a thug that = make my day punk.

    • Sarah

      So the fact that the man who killed Clint has killed multiple people doesn’t matter at all?


      And hypocritical.

  • Upset family

    I think that Clint’s past has notthing to do with it he has never killed anyone.. And not sure why this matters so much to people who are not family I think no matter what people should show a Lil respect for his family and not talk trash about him he dead and can’t defend him self I think are are so many people on here with cold souls god bless you all I’m gonna prayer for you.. That god lets you try to see both sides

  • Upset family

    I don’t think Clint’s past has anything to
    Do with it he hasn’t killed anyone.not sure
    Why it matters to all the people maken
    Comment that are not needed.. He
    Isn’t here to defend his self..there
    Are so many people on here with cold
    Souls god bless you all I’m gonna pray
    For u all

  • Ryan W.

    ENOUGH of all this debating! Clinton M. was a loser! He was not a good father. He barely saw his kid. He was locked up for a good part of that kids life. He has been in and out of jail/prison since he was 18. He was a juvenile delinquent. Was a thief and a self proclaimed gangster. Probably didn’t know how to even shoot a gun but always had one with him. Just to make him look tough. He was an addict and would never take it upon himself to go get help. He was given the opportunity to help himself and he never did. YES I know who C.M. is. It’s not like I have never met him or delt with him. I know exactly what I’m talking about. He was a bad character would have never have changed. He ran with bad characters and his girlfriend Erica is no prize herself. Has a record also and got away with a lot. Needless to say if you live a thugs life then you end up either in prison or dead. Looks like Clint knows both now.

  • Upset family

    So many people on here have cold souls
    May god bless you praying for you all
    Hope you are never are in this situation

  • C. Reeves

    its called make my day law if you feel threaten on your property you have the right to defend yourself it does not matter if you have no trespassing signs or not . you can not go to someones property threat them and not expect them to defend themselves I say the elderly man was in his rights. the family shouldn’t blame him and if they have to blame someone it should be Clinton or themselves.

  • Know Better

    This 95-year-old is a World War II Veteran, a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart recipient. He has lived a very active life and has the selfless character to help people. Many who help others are often taken advantage of. This man has always been willing to help people who are willing to help themselves. He didn’t ask to be put in a position to protect himself; someone else put him in that position. He had the right to protect himself. I’ve known this man for many years and have seen his kindness and generosity numerous times when I felt he was being taken advantage of. He has always maintained that people can change. It’s evident that some people don’t. It’s sad for everyone involved.

  • Annoyed

    I see people commenting about what people have posted, but all you people runni g your mouths about my family have never denied this old man shooting other people. So I take it this is true and ok too. And people like this is why they are trying to pass a law where no one can have guns. How dare you say he was trash n should be dead. I feel bad for you all. And everyone has a past. Doesnt mean he should be dead. Shame on you!

  • Anonymous

    We buried Clinton McCormick today he is now in good hands, so please people stop talking about him. Clinton is now with his love ones let’s give prayers to the rest of the family to be strong. Stop arguing guys no one deserves it.

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