Last Night Fayetteville Preps to Welcome 2014

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Last Night Fayetteville activities start at 6 p.m. with six different venues ending with the Hog Drop and a firework finale.

Matt Miller is the man behind the brush. His paint job decorates the six-foot hog sculpture designed by the local artist Mike Davis.

"I just kind of made a mark and went with it," said Miller about his artwork. "It was just fun and I think this is what New Year's is all about."

Miller said it's hard to imagine his artwork will be displayed for thousands to see for the annual Hog Drop.

"I don't really know what will be going through my mind at the time," Miller said. "I'll just be really happy that everybody is going to experience it together."

Last Night Fayetteville was named by one of the top 10 most unique New Year's Eve celebrations in the country in 2012.

"Imagine the New Year's Eve ball drop in New York City except we have a pig instead of a disco ball and this is lowered off of the Fayetteville Fire Department 100-foot snorkel ladder," said David Embree, the event's production manager.

Last Night Fayetteville is a performing arts festival with local talent. It will have activities both inside and outside.

'This is what Northwest Arkansas has built for Fayetteville," Embree said. "It is all locally sourced musicians and performers and we do this every year not only to showcase our artists but also to support our community and share the arts with the community."

Terrah Baker is volunteering for the first time. She's one of dozens of volunteers who were hard at work to make the event a success.

"Last Night Fayetteville along with something like that helps make our town unique and to me that's worth volunteering for," Baker said.

It costs $20 per adult and $5 for kids.