Electronic Cigarettes Banned on Oklahoma State Property

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Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has issued an order banning the use of electronic cigarettes and vapor devices on state property and in state vehicles.

According to the governor, the chemicals released by the vapor may affect employees and visitors to state property, and the long term effects are still unknown.

Fallin argues some e-cigarettes look like traditional cigarettes and emit a vapor which looks like smoke creating confusion and making it a challenge to enforce certain bans.

Supporters of e-cigarettes say the secondhand effects of e-cigarettes are minimal, the product may help people who are trying to quit smoking.

"A lot of people are just tired of paying the money for cigarettes, tired of feeling sick and woozy in the morning from smoking all day or smoking for years and years at a time," said Alex Gavin, a former cigarette smoker and e-cigarette vendor.

Oklahoma joins the Fort Smith Public Libraries which voted in October to ban e-cigarettes from its property.