Police Seek Missing River Valley Teenager

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Authorities are seeking a River Valley teenager who has been missing since Sept. 23 and is thought possibly to be in danger, according to a news release from the Van Buren Police Department.

Patience Householder of Van Buren, who turned 17 on Thursday (Jan. 2), could be in the company of 25-year-old Zachary Bokker, the release states.

Householder is 5-foot-2 and 150 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes. She has a scar on her right cheek and a smiley face tattoo on her chest, according to the release.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Van Buren Police Department at (479) 474-1234, the release states.



  • Gary Brown says:

    she looks real innocent

  • Megan says:

    Looking innocent or not, if this was YOUR child, you wouldn’t be saying that. You would want to know she is safe.

  • AGT C says:

    It doesn’t matter if she is innocent as a person as long as she comes home alive and not in black bag.I am sure lot’s of us who judge aren’t as innocent as we claim.

  • Elaine O says:

    Why isn’t this being plastered all over?? Where’s the urgency to find this girl? They need to be broadcasting this far and wide if they expect to have any results!

  • Why have they waited so long to to but this out?

    It says she has been missing since Sept 23.

  • James P says:

    Gary Brown, this is one of my close friends so watch what you say on something of this matter. Patience is a great person, and if I knew who you were id show how to to at least treat a female with some freakin respect. You aint perfect you ignorant piece of work so dont judge. Somebody who is gonna bash on a 17 yr old girl is probably the kind of person who would be putting somebody like her in danger. Its dangerous for you to be talking like that about her I promise you that. You dont know the kind of people that me and patience both know. I love this girl because she is a good friend, so keep on.

  • joesumone says:

    James P,

    If you are such a close friend, as you stated, of this missing person then why were you not making a big fuss of this 3 months ago. For someone who doesn’t want people judging others, you sure are a judgmental person. I hope they find your friend, but I would not classify you as one of her close friends.

  • nellie says:

    She is my cousin and her whole family is worried about her
    And we don’t need rude comments about her so please
    Just share the story BC the more the word gets out
    The better the chances of finding her thank you

  • Mia W says:

    Pay pay if you see this we are all worried about you. please call someone and let them know you are okay. Everyone is worried sick about you. there would have been more media sooner but with state regulations they had to consider you a runaway for a period of time. Now that its out here we are postiong it EVERYWHERE!!! IF YOU PEOPLE WOILULD SHARE AS MUCH AS POSSIABLE AND HAVE EVERYONE YOU KNOW SHARE IT BECAUSE THEY GUY SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE WITH IS KNOWN TO HAVE BEEN TO PRISION AND IN A GANG. HE IS LAST KNOWN TO LIVE IN FORT SMITH LAST I HEARD FROM OTHER SOURCES. PLEASE SHARE AND KEEP SHARING TILL SHE IS FOUND AND SAFE!!!!

  • M.j. Stone says:

    Patience if you are reading this go home sweety , you have family and friends worried about you . your life is worth so much more than just a guy using you claiming to love you . go home as fast as your feet can carry you !

  • Megan says:

    Patience, as a former “missing” teenager, I can say that your family and friends just want to know that you are alive and safe. Please at least call someone you trust and let them know you are alive and well. As a mother of a teenager, I would be worried sick to say the least if you were my daughter. There are people who love you. No matter what you do or have done or who you are with, people care. I care, and I don’t even know you.

  • allen says:

    Well i know one thing when she was here in mississippi she told me an everyone else she was 18 an pregnant an that her mom.. the same woman that sent them the money to get back to ark an helped get zack out of jail but before doin that sold my car that zack was driving.. from what she had to say her mom the person that was raising her was trading her for dope.. she is a good girl but shes wasnt in any danger an wasnt missin from the times i talked to her mother.. after sep 23 2013..

    • Mia W says:

      Allen if all that is true why did you not reach out to get her help from the police and state. Something dont seem right with your story .

  • Gary Brown says:

    james p you are a coward

  • Allen my mom didn’t do shit

  • Mia W says:

    Wow is all i am going to say

  • kim says:

    Well allen if this is true then you need to give that info to the cops and if your unwilling to do so then your story is just that a story…. I will be praying for patiences and forgive me if I misspell her name… I hope she does come home soon and I know how these older guys prey on these younger girls… I have a teenage daughter so I don’t know what I would do if she did this… so to patiences please girl if you can call and let someone your safe and stuff and where you are… please…. and to these poeple here come on now grow up…. if it was your kid you wouldn’t be making rud remarks or getting into fights… it should be about finding patiences… and again if I am mispelling her name please forgive me…

  • Kathleen says:

    This is so very sad and it has touched my heart. While people are on here bashing each other, a child who is only 17 is missing. I do not know the family at all but I have 3 grown girls and pray this baby girl gets home. Sometimes 17 year old girls think they know what’s best for them and they unfortunately leave home for what they think is a better life. Let’s all pray she realizes how much her family loves her and makes the call to come home.. I’d gladly drive across country to bring her back so that her family could just have some peace.

  • joesumone says:

    It wasn’t Gary Brown, dipshit.

  • Mia W says:

    Yes people do

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