Roland Community Remembers Principal Who Died Of Cancer

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The community of Roland, Okla., is mourning after the town’s high school principal of almost 50 years lost his battle with cancer.

Gary Lattimore was a staple at the Roland School District. His colleagues said they will never forget him.

"He is synonymous with Roland,” said Roland High’s girls basketball coach Scott Lowe. “He's been here for so long."

Edward Lewis, Roland High's boys basketball coach, said he has known Lattimore his whole life. He even remembered when Lattimore served as his own principal at Roland. He said Lattimore suffered from pancreatic cancer.

"He never wanted to let that be an interference with what his job was," said Lewis.

Lewis said it will be hard going on without Lattimore, and it will be even more difficult when students return to school.

"It’s going to be a tough day,” said Lewis.

Lattimore died Friday morning (Jan. 3). He was 70-years-old.

Lattimore's funeral is scheduled to be held at 2p.m. Tuesday (Jan 7) at the Roland High School gym.


    • Former Student

      Why even make such a comment? That is rude and not in very good taste. Mr. Lattimore loved each one if his students as well as his community. All you have to say is at least there is a finally a job opening? Seriously? How about showing a little respect? Obviously you have a diff opinion about either Mr. Lattimore or the Toland community than I do, but why not just keep your opinion to yourself instead making a distasteful comment during the mourning of someone’s death. You should be ashamed.

    • Teacher and former student

      How dare you make such a rude comment. You obviously aren’t from our community. Why would anyone have the nerve to make such a comment with no consideration to the family of this wonderful man. You are what I would call an I-dot. That is an easy way for you to read it…I-d-I-o-t

  • Brenda (Releford) Benton

    Brenda (Releford) Benton

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Lattimore family,Roland High School and the community. Yes Mr. Lattimore will be truly missed. In his own way he has touch all of our lives. I pray that everyone will continue to look to the hill from where all of our help come from. God Bless You.

  • Lisa (Theresa):Barnes Lampros

    arrot, what a horrible comment. God forgives you, but Karma will get you. Gary Lattimore was a fine man who helped me in some life changing wsys. He will be missed! He loved and truly cared about every students future. I know he is in Heaven watching over his friends, family and each and everyone of his students. My heart and prayers go out to the family. He must have been an awesome family man because he was an awesome man, mentor, life coach and Principal. Rest in Peace in Heaven! I’m ok, you’re okay!

    Mr. Lattimore was a kind and Loving! He changed my life. I ran away from a horribly abusive situation to live with my awesome dad and I had a lot of issues. When I was in Marked Tree school I was held back because I missed so much school. When I got to the Roland oklahoma school system, Gary, agreed to let me take a test. This test would decide if I could skip a grade. I past and I moved ahead. I would go to his office with any problem and he was there with kind words and great advice. He was the one who told me to try out for cheerleading, I did and made it. My point is this man was more than a principal; he was a mentor, friend,

  • Amber Rogers

    Mr. Lattimore was loved and will be missed But he will never be forgotten! May the lord be with his family and friends.

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