Snow Causes Slick Conditions in Bella Vista

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Road crews from the Arkansas Highway Department and Bella Vista worked through the night to clear the roads Sunday (Jan. 5). Wind speeds were high and the snow fell steadily well into the morning.

Deborah Adams worked the overnight shift at Bella Vista gas station. She said she got off later than usual to give her co-workers more time to get to work.

"They can't get out of their neighborhoods," Adams said. "It's just terrible."

"As soon as I get this defrosted, I'm going home slowly, very slowly," she said.

Rusty Adams who goes to St. Stephen Catholic Church said he attended church in the morning. Many churches canceled service, but his church didn't.

"We probably had 50 people at mass this morning," Adams said.

Adams said even though he has four-wheel drive, the roads were still slick.

Adams said, "They are pretty treacherous, but somebody had plowed early this morning and put a little sand down."

Trent Rogers was placing salt on his driveway. He said he wants to be ready in case of an emergency.

"My wife is pregnant so just keeping the driveway clean just in case we need to get out of the house for anything, just kind of staying ahead of the game," Rogers said.

Mike Button, street superintendent for the Bella Vista Road Department, said he had 12 snow plows and one motor grater clearing streets. Button said he had crews working on overtime.

The Bella Vista Road Department takes care of 550 miles of road.