Sub-Freezing Weather Leads to Frozen Pipes

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Chilly temperatures in the region are causing frozen pipes, including at the Crisis Intervention Center in Fort Smith.

The center houses about 20 women and their children. As temperatures have dropped to below freezing, the chances of pipes bursting at the center have gone up, officials said.

"We've had to shut down three rooms until the pipes were looked at or fixed," said Susan Steffens, executive director.

The center has called in Westark Plumbing to fix the problem. The phone at the center has been ringing nonstop with calls to unfreeze stopped-up pipes, said Michelle Cernak of Westark Plumbing.

"We've had roughly 50 calls,” Cernak said, as of Monday afternoon.

Most of the shelter’s pipes are covered, and although the center is insulated, Westark Plumbing officials said pipes are still susceptible to below-freezing temperatures.

"People need to know to locate the main water shut-off to their house or business,” Cernak said.

Westark Plumbing officials also encourages homeowners to be home during the thaw-out process.

"Circulating heat throughout the house will also help," Cernak said. "We've had several calls where they've shut the water off, but they have water spewing out of the ceiling."

Westark Plumbing officials said running a small drip through an indoor faucet will keep the pipes from freezing as well.