Crews Clear Ice In Zero-Degree Temperatures

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Crews from the Bentonville Public Works Department were out clearing ice-covered sidewalks near businesses as well as city offices.

"We run about 12 guys so we always have four to five guys warming up and the other seven-eight working," said Randy Mattingly, public works maintenance supervisor.

The Public Works Department used snow blowers they bought after the last ice storm two years ago. They also used other tools to help with the ice.

"We use magnesium flake ice melt, but in this temperature, it will melt and freeze back right away," Mattingly said. "We've had to use sand and the sand does provide fraction for foot traffic."

Dave Smith said he walks his dogs Gauge and Maggie no matter what the weather is, even if its below zero temperatures.

"I have three layers, two lower, three top," Smith said. "So definitely I know about that... you definitely want to stay warm."

Lynn Brenneman also layered up and took breaks to clear a sidewalk.

"It's freezing," he said. "I'm just trying to remove some of the snow that we got over the weekend and clear it for the people coming in."

As for the Public Works Department crews, they want to make sure people have access to their jobs and businesses in town.

"A lot of people can probably fight their way to the parking lot to the door but a fall on this stuff can, you can hurt yourself. It becomes a safety issue," Mattingly said.

The Public Works Department plans to be out Tuesday (Jan. 7) to place ice melt on the sidewalks in hopes warmer weather will activate it. The city's Parks and Recreation Department was also out clearing parks including the Lawrence Plaza Ice Rink.