Fayetteville, Springdale Schools Make Up Snow Days

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The biggest school districts in Washington County will be in class in June to make up snow days.


The Fayetteville School District has to make up seven days, most of those missed days were in the early December ice storm.

School officials decided to extend classes until June 4 to make up three days. Other days will be made up by using a teacher in-service day, parent-teacher conference day, the Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday and a Saturday in January.

Some parents of Fayetteville students aren't behind the district's decision to have school on a Saturday.

"I really don’t agree with the make up days on Saturdays and extending the school year," Robin Gregory said. "I think we live in the year 2014 and they should utilize possibly online curriculum as well as take-home for the younger grades and make it up that way."

Celeste Hoskins said she's worried that not a lot of kids will show up on Jan. 25 for school.

"So many people that I’ve heard are not for that," she said. "My opinion is to use days in the summer."

If more school days were to cancel because of the winter weather, school could last until June 10.


Springdale school administrators already had five snow days built into their academic calender. Students will have to make up six days, not seven, because Monday (Jan. 6) was already scheduled as a teacher in-service day.

Classes will go on during Martin Luther King, Jr., Day to make up all the days.

Officials said if they were to have more snow days, there is one more day they can utilize in February to make up for another lost day.

"Right now school is still scheduled to be off June 3," Springdale Spokesman Rick Schaeffer said. "If we miss any other days, then we’re going to have to look at some alternatives."

Schaeffer said the last resort is dipping into Spring Break.