BLOG: Jobs, The Most and Least Stressful

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How stressed are you at work? Deadlines, projects, and responsibilities come with a certain level of stress, and Job site CareerCast wanted to measure that. Their study looked at 11  factors across 200 occupations. The factors included: travel, growth potential, strict deadlines, working in the public eye, competitiveness within the organization, physical demands, environmental conditions, life being put at risk, hazards, meeting the public, and having another person’s life in your hands.

This is what they found:

Least Stressful Jobs

1. Audiologist – Median salary: $69,720  


2. Hair stylist – Median salary: $22,700    


3. Jeweler – Median salary: $35,350


4. University professor – Median salary: $64,290  


5. Seamstress/Tailor – Median salary: $26,280 


6. Dietitian – Median salary: $55,240


7. Medical records technician – Median salary: $34,160 


8. Librarian – Median salary: $55,370  


9. Multimedia artist – Median salary: $61,370 


10. Drill press operator – Median salary: $35,580

Most Stressful Jobs

1. Enlisted Military – Median salary: $28,840    

2. Military General – Median salary: $196,300                       

3. Firefighter – Median salary: $45,250

4. Airline Pilot – Median salary: $$114,200 

5. Event Coordinator – Median salary:  $45,810                     

6. Public Relations Exec – Median salary: $54,170     

7. Corp. Exec (Senior)   – Median salary: $168,140                  

8. Newspaper Reporter – Median salary: $35,870                   

9. Police Officer – Median salary: $55,270

10. Taxi Driver – Median salary: $22,820   

 For More: Careercast


  • Traveler

    Can’t believe elementary”teacher” was not listed as one of most stressful. Just ask those teachers at Alma school today when all the parents wanted to get their kids.

  • Hogs forever

    Yes, and those teachers won’t get extra money for overtime, cause they are on “contract” salary

    • Hogs forever

      You are misinformed about the time off. That is a myth that keeps resurfacing unfortunately. Teachers are paid a contract salary for X number of days. Most spend a lot of after school hours preparing for the next day, for which they are not paid, and most spend all their summers going to workshops. It all works out to them getting about 2 weeks off. Ask any teacher, and it will be an eye-opening conversation about the time off they have. All do it for the love of children, and not for the money or time off. Thank God there are people like that. I won’t even address the comment about the Hogs, except to say, GO HOGS!!!

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