Blog: Petrino Hire By Louisville Baffling

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Louisville has answered the question of how far would they go to win football games.

For the second time in the last 11 years, Louisville is set to hire Bobby Petrino as their head football coach. If you look at Petrino’s resume, it’s not hard to argue why the move was made.

But a simple internet search of the coach’s name gives you plenty of reasons to question the hire.

Sure Bobby Petrino went 41-9 in his four seasons at Louisville from 2003-06. Sure he went 34-17 at Arkansas between the 2008-11 seasons. I can’t argue that Petrino has won games.

It’s what happens after Petrino leaves. That is what makes me wonder what the Louisville athletic director, Tom Jurich, is thinking.

The four years after Petrino left Louisville the first time, the Cardinals went 22-29 and never won more than seven games in a season. The two years since Petrino left Arkansas, the Razorbacks are 7-17. We don’t need to go over him quitting on the Atlanta Falcons to take the Arkansas job.

I’m not here to bash the man’s personal life. I couldn’t care less what he’s done. That’s not for me to judge. But it is for me to point out he has a track record of leaving programs in shambles.

Louisville will put a huge buyout in his contract to try to prevent Petrino from leaving for another job. Arkansas did the same thing. But, he always finds a way out. Petrino probably wasn’t planning on leaving Arkansas at the time of his motorcycle accident but it still happened. And he still got out.

Petrino is expected to be named the Louisville head coach on Thursday. It will be the 16th different employer since 1983.

I’m sure some fans are happy with the hire. Just don’t come crying when he leaves your program in shambles. Again.


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