Report: Bobby Petrino Offered Head Coaching Job At Louisville, Again

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Yahoo Sports is reporting that the hiring of Bobby Petrino at the University of Louisville is “imminent”

According to the report, Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich will meet with Petrino’s agent on Wednesday night to finalize the contract details and the school plans on introducing Petrino on Thursday.

Petrino’s first career head coaching gig was at Louisville, where he went 41-9 over four seasons, helping oversee the school’s transition from Conference USA to the Big East. He left Louisville following the 2006 season to take the head coaching job with the Atlanta Falcons.

Petrino wouldn’t even finish his first full season in Atlanta, leaving after only 13 games to take over at Arkansas. He was fired in April 2012 following a motorcycle accident with Arkansas volleyball player Jessica Dorrell. Dorrell was also Petrino’s mistress, whom he had hired to work as the football program’s student-athlete development coordinator.

Petrino was out of coaching for a year before taking over at Western Kentucky in 2013 and going 8-4 there.


  • Traveler

    We don’t care….get over it….we need to concentrate on having a winning season next year….Accept that we pretty much S****** the Pooch when we got rid of him, so accept it and get on with life in the SEC

  • me

    Good for Louisville and Bobby! I’m still waiting for the day Bobby beats Arkansas in a bowl game. Then finally Jeff Long will be sent packing back to the north where he belongs!

  • Good Riddance

    Still the right call to fire him. Had he worked at say a bank or a grocery store and lied to his bosses, made an inappropriate hiring decision based on a piece of tail and then exposed his employer to all kinds of bad embarrassing publicity it would not have even been a question that he would be fired. Coaching a college football team doesn’t excuse a person from certain expectations of behavior. The man has pretty well demonstrated he is seriously lacking in character.

    • Traveler

      I for one did not care about his character, or lack of it. I just wanted a winning season for a change….so Jeff Long did not lie either???? What about the job offer just a few months ago???? He is not lily white. Everyone lies, if it will benefit them.

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