Students Head Back to School After Snow Days

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Bentonville High School students headed back to school Wednesday (Jan. 8) after snow and ice closed down schools for two days.

Jeoff Arnold dropped off his two daughters Sydney, 16, and Kyra, 15.

"I think it's important that everyone remains safe before they get to school, but I'm glad to see school finally in so they don't have take all that time to make it up," Arnold said.

In the Bentonville School District, students will need to make up seven days. It's five days for the December winter storm and two for January's snow fall.

Kyra said she doesn't think the snow days will affect class work for the second semester.

"I think that since we're going to make them up anyway it's not going to be a bid deal," Kyra said.

Sydney said some parents were worried about ice on school campuses.

"I've seen all over Facebook how everybody is worried about the sidewalks and parents are like, 'my kids aren't going because of all the driveways," Sydney said. "I don't like waking up in the morning and that's the only difficulty I've had."

Bentonville students will need to be in school until June 5th.

"I just moved here not too long ago so I'm not used to the snow," said Ally Edgar, 16.  "I'm not looking forward to making up those snow days and getting out in June."

Sudheer Paleri who dropped off his children at school said the bad weather made it tough for parents who still needed to get out.

"It was longer than expected but kids were enjoying it, driving was a problem even though they were sitting at home, we have to go to work," Paleri said.

With the possibility of more winter weather Wednesday night, Jeoff Arnold said his family will take it one day at a time as far as make up days.

"Well have to see, I'm kind of hoping not but if we end up getting it we'll just have to deal with it," Arnold said. "You can't fight Mother Nature."

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