Louisville Introduces Bobby Petrino As New Head Coach

Posted on: 11:57 am, January 9, 2014, by , updated on: 11:59am, January 9, 2014


(CBS Sports) — Rumors became reality on Thursday morning when Louisville introduced Bobby Petrino as its new coach, replacing Charlie Strong after Strong left for Texas last week. This will be Petrino’s second stint at Louisville, though listening to Petrino talk during his press conference, things are going to be different this time around.

“I’ve made mistakes professionally and personally,” the former Arkansas Razorback coach said. “Something I’m not going to do again. My first mistake was leaving Louisville [in 2007].

“I want everyone here to know this is my destination job.”

Petrino also went on to say that Louisville was where he wanted to finish his career, saying, “Emotionally I’m tied to doing that, and contractually I’m tied to doing that.”

The people in the room weren’t the ones Petrino had to convince, of course. That would be Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich, and Jurich said Petrino did just that.

“I believe Bobby Petrino’s a changed man,” Jurich said. “Bobby has convinced me he’s a changed man.”

The $10 million buyout on Petrino’s seven-year deal should help make sure Petrino stays a changed man as well.

What Louisville hopes hasn’t changed with Petrino is his ability to win football games at the school. Petrino has gone 83-30 as a college coach, including a 41-9 mark in four seasons at Louisville that included a Conference USA and a Big East title. Now, after helping lead Louisville through that conference transition, he’ll be asked to do it again as Louisville moves into the ACC.

Petrino was fired as the head football coach at Arkansas in 2012 after it was learned he had hired his mistress.


  • opinion says:

    I know he will have a winning season…he is a winning coach. Noticed his wife is still with him, so they have pretty much gotten on with their lives, so let’s do the same. GO HOGS!!!

  • oldyellar says:

    Hog fans like turds

  • Dick says:

    Arkansas shouldve never fired petrino. He’s a much better coach than bret belimic. They held on to houston nutt far too long. One bad decision after another by the bigshots at the u of a.

  • Slim says:

    People make mistakes. Bobby deserved a second chance at arkansas.we were on the brink of a title. Belimia will never get us one. Or we should have atleast got malzahn. He wins everywhere he goes.

  • Slim says:

    Throw the ball brett. Thats what gets keesters in the seats.

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