Girl Scouts Start Taking Cookie Orders Saturday

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Girls wearing vests started knocking on doors today to kick off the sale of Girl Scout cookies on Saturday (Jan. 11).

The annual cookie sale is the organization's largest fundraiser. After the baker's are paid, the revenue goes to the local council, the Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas, according to the Girl Scout website.

Girls won't be seen in front of businesses selling the cookies just yet. They just began taking orders for cookies that will be delivered early February. Troops will begin setting up cookie booths Feb. 21.

Fayetteville-based Troop 5101 sold around 4,500 boxes of cookies last year. Each box is $3.50, which means the troop of 10 girls sold around $15,750 worth of goods.

Sarah Dietle is the Troop 5101 leader and said she has loved to watch the 6th and 7th grade girls grow together in being Girl Scouts.

"It teaches them about confidence and courage and character and I appreciate that because I want my daughters, all three of them, to grow up as confident women," she said.

Dietle said the troop doesn't have a specific goal for this year, but they plan to sell as many boxes as they can.

People can find a local troop through the organization's cookie finder app.

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