Crews Cleaning Up Debris From Strong Winds

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Benton County road crews are out Monday morning (Jan. 13) working to clean up debris left behind from strong winds Sunday afternoon (Jan. 12).

On Sunday, the Bella Vista Fire Department said they received at least five reports of trees falling into power lines throughout the city, according to Battalion Chief Bryan Wolfgang.

On Newport Circle, a tree fell on top of the power line Sunday afternoon, but didn't cause an outage for residents on the street.

A much larger tree fell at the end of Grisham Drive, caused damage to a car and the power went out. Residents said the power was back on around 6 p.m. Sunday night.

"We were sitting in the back of our house and we just heard a big crash or boom and we weren't sure where and thought maybe it was down the street a little further," Suzie Lester said. "We were kind of surprised when we looked out in our front yard and saw that tree."

The downed trees, along with snapped power lines are a big concern for fire fighters.

"It not only affects them as far as not having any power, our big concern with the high winds is that they're still live when they hit the ground and can cause a brush fire, which in turn causes big issues," Wolfgang said.

Sunday afternoon, when the winds were the strongest, power companies reported as many as 2,000 people in Northwest Arkansas without power due to downed lines. As of Monday morning, power has been restored to all customers that were affected.

In the River Valley, the power was out for a short time for customers in Crawford and Pope counties. Power there has also  been restored.


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