Earthquake Rattles Arkansas Town, Sunday

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MANILA, AR (KTHV) -The U.S. Geological Survey is reporting that a minor earthquake shook Mississippi County early Sunday (Jan. 12) morning.

The 2.7 magnitude earthquake centered near Manila, Arkansas around 6:20AM. No damage was reported but the USGS has several reports from people saying they felt the tremor.

The earthquake is one of several hundred small tremors that have been reported along the New Madrid Seismic Zone that stretches from southern Illinois to northeast Arkansas. A series of earthquakes in 1811-1812 in the area are among the most severe in U.S. history.

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  • Richard Guy

    Earthquakes are manifestations of Earth Expansion. The Mississippi River is a earthquake fault as as such it expands. Bridges are the most vulnerable infra strucure for they topple mysteriously as we have seen in recent years. Bridges span the river and the river expands. All river valleys are earthquake faults and they all expand and quake from time to time. The entire Mississippi River is a major earthquake fault which is the reason New Orleans and the Loisisiana Coastline keeps sinking.
    We have to take notice of Seismic creep as a factor of Bridge failure such as the Minniappolis Bridge W 35 some years ago and several others along the Mississippi. Richard Guy Email>

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