36-foot Restaurant Sign Damaged By Wind

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High speed winds caused the Outback Steakhouse sign to split and a section to dangle Sunday (Jan. 12). The American Graphic & Sign crews were bringing it down Monday so it could be replaced.

The restaurant is located on Thompson Street in Springdale and its sign is about 36 feet wide.

Bruce Preston, general manager for American Graphic & Sign, said the sign was mounted off-center, which caused it to be unstable. The high winds between 40 to 50 mpg damaged the sign.

Preston said the restaurant has a new sign on the way.

"They already have another sign coming in two weeks to replace it," Preston said. "I'm not sure who's going to install it but hopefully they build it a little better than this last one."

Preston estimates the entire project, which includes bringing the sign down, buying a new one and installing it, to cost about $40,000.

"This is really uncommon," Preston said. "I've been in business all my life and I've never seen that before."

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  • potatosalad

    Looks like the welding seal failed. Whoever built this sign possibly didn’t do a good job. Like the guy said he had never seen anything like this before.

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