5-Story Complex Gets Approval Near Downtown Fayetteville

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The Fayetteville Planning Committee approved construction Monday night of a five-story, multi-family development. The proposed building will have 130 units, 400 bedrooms and a parking deck, according to design documents.

The general location near Hill Avenue and Center Street currently has two apartment complexes, a triplex and four single homes.

Amanda Gaither lives along Duncan Avenue and said she is not happy about the construction from other projects taking place across the street from her home.

"Everybody is always complaining about it like everyday," she said. "I mean, we even complain about it in our own home. It's horrible."

The construction is also affecting young kids. Macey Corscia said she does not like waking up to loud sounds in the morning.

"That's really annoying," she said. "At first it got really annoying, so my Papa had to call the police so they would stop."

Despite the complaints, Amanda Gaither said she is trying to see the good in the complex.

"It will probably benefit the college students more than regular people," she said. "Their dorms are always overflowing, so I am sure they will all be happy about it being done."

Plans for the property had to be changed to follow new city guidelines on how tall new structures can be. A separate plan to build a multiple-story apartment complex downtown was struck down by city leaders late last year because of design disagreements between developers and city administrators. City planners said this complex follows all city design guidelines.