County Leaders Say Jail To Be Built From New Tax Money

Posted on: 9:54 pm, January 13, 2014, by , updated on: 10:25pm, January 13, 2014

Crawford County leaders are hoping to build a new jail following allegations of overcrowding and several failed state inspections. They say getting the necessary money from a sales tax is the best option.

Voters turned down a sales tax to support the funding three times, but the sheriff said overcrowding is a major problem. A new jail would ease in a solution, he said.

The funding, if approved in May, would come from a sales tax.

“The funding’s going to come from a tax proposal,” said Crawford County Judge John Hall. “It can be from one cent as low as a half cent.”

The Quorum court is set to meet again next Monday (Jan. 20) to discuss the issue.

City officials said if the tax is approved, they hope to break ground by August. The jail will take almost two years to build.

Sheriff Ron Brown said he has enough room for 88 inmates at the Crawford County Detention Center.

“We have outgrown this facility,” Brown said.

It’s a sentiment expressed by county officials who discussed the prospects of a new jail Tuesday night at the Crawford County Quorum Court meeting.

“It`s been haunting us for a long time,” Hall said.

The state placed the current jail on probation in July of 2013. The facility failed its past three inspections. The inspections found issues with overcrowding and insufficient staffing.

“Over the years we’ve turned exercise yards into barracks,” Brown said. “We’ve turned multi-purpose rooms into housing.”

Crawford County officials said they have three developers in mind to build the new jail.

One at the top of their list is Mike Kelley with SouthBuild TEAM out of Tennessee. City officials said the new jail would have a wagon wheel design.

“The jail operates on a $1.3 million budget,” Hall said. “The new jail will have three times as many people.”

The new jail would be built one mile east on Highway 64 or one mile north or south on Arkansas Highway 59, Hall said.


  • Retired says:

    In this economy it may be hard to get a sales tax passed. Most people do not want more taxes of any kind, regardless of the need. A lot of people have also witnessed sales tax money being used for other projects instead of only for the intended orally stated purposes…gotta watch out for that small print.

  • narkansas says:

    half of the people are locked up for drug crimes or for being poor.. I hope the tax doesn’t get approved

  • David Tasler says:

    If the stat would take their folks out of the county jail that would reduce some of the over crowding in the jail ! The state needs to sweep in front of their own door steps too ! I can see the need for a new and bigger jail but I also think the state should pickup the people who have bee sentenced to a state prison .

  • AGT C says:

    How many times do we have to approve a tax here in Van Buren?Where is all that tax money going?The only thing I see improvements to is the tennis court at the high school and they tore down the old Sherman’s other than that nothing is happening that was said would happen and now they want to use the money for other projects and stick us with the bill!What’s bad is the voters here will approve yet another tax for somebody to use as they see fit.

    • Retired says:

      We’ve been lied to so many times about what the money will be used for, that it reminds me of the saying….”Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. Seems like we’ve been fooled more than twice.

  • concerened says:

    Your city tax only effects you city folks. I’m voting for a new jail

  • Retired says:

    it is “affects”, not “effects”…CAB

  • Larry Hooper says:

    Don’t forget you are not only voting to build a jail but
    Increase the number of jailers. When is this going to end!

  • Larry Hooper says:

    And your election isn’t free either! Who out there
    Is tired of this. It failed 3 times. 2 times wasn’t the
    Charm. So do it four times! That ought to do it.

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