Many Without Water In Scott County After Water Lines Break

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Busted water pipes left more than 100 people in Scott County without water, some for days.

Mike Shaddon and his family noticed they didn’t have water Friday (Jan. 10).

"We've been having to go a few miles up the road to some relatives homes to take showers," Shaddon said.

The Shaddons' water came back on Monday (Jan 13).

Wane Stallings with the James Fork Regional Water District said almost 10 homes are still without water since the weekend.

"This is a weird deal,” Stallings said. “I've done this for 40 years."

Stallings said water officials are working to repair 48 water line breaks caused by frozen pipes in the Boles area and had to drain the Boles storage tank.

"I've got every man I've got out working right now to get them water," Stallings said.

The water company said the recent winter weather is to blame.

Deborah Mulchin and her family lost water as well.

"About a week,” she said. “We've boiled a lot of water and we caught rain water."

Stallings said those living in the Boles area need to boil their water.

The water company said they are having trouble getting some water lines repaired because they are in remote areas. James Fork Regional Water was unable to determine when all of their customers would see water again.